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Jewelry Trends: Celebrities Inspiring Fashion Trends

Jewelry Trends: Celebrities Inspiring Fashion Trends


The celebrities’ jewelry that they often wear sets the fashion trend, as do clothes, shoes, handbags, purses, bags, hats and any other accessories they can think of. In particular, the jewelry worn by celebrities is the most famous and innovative jewelry and silverware, as well as the clothing and other accessories worn by celebrities.

Younger celebrities tend to wear more modern looks, but almost all stars struggle to wear fancy jewelry for the red carpet, for example. Jewelry is an indispensable accessory to complete and complement your fascinating and extravagant look.

Jewelry Trends: Celebrities Inspiring Fashion Trends

The world’s most renowned jewelry brands and the world’s leading jewelers and goldsmiths compete to make the most exquisite and extravagant jewelry, which is then lent to celebrities for them to wear at every event they are given the opportunity to attend, and thus announced free of charge.

Talking about celebrities, jewels, trends, and styles is talking about iconic characters of today, such as Princess Catherine of Cambridge and Queen Letizia of Spain, Queen Maxima of Holland, who set the trend and impose styles. But we can’t forget Kim Kardashian, who with her eccentric appearance, has imposed fashion styles.

Recently, at events such as Cannes and the Oscars, a greater display of wonderful jewels has been observed. This time we saw celebrities like Salma Hayek looking spectacular in a beautiful transparent dress by Alexander McQueen and jewels by Fred Leighton, Nicole Kidman glamorous in a glamorous dress by Armani, Cara Delevingne who presented herself with a strong look that included a necklace with several laps and an outfit that marked her identity, Halle Berry with an impact that looks better in a Versace dress and jewels by Forevermark Diamonds, etc.

Many other celebrities exhibited valuable and exotic jewelry, as well as spectacular clothing from renowned designers such as Dior, Givenchy, Armani, among others.


Celebrities and Fashion

If we were to make a list of the most glamorous celebrities currently leading the way in fashion trending with their own style and achieving sophistication, elegance, and personality, we would have to name them:


This blonde creates a cool and high fashion style that makes us fall in love and seduce ourselves.

Her key garments are Crop tops, mini-dresses, and high couture designs.



She’s the most feminine on this list. Her looks are a waste of elegance, femininity, and modernity difficult to beat.

Her key garments are ladylike dresses.



The most loved of the list for her sexuality, but always keeping her a very casual and urban look that characterizes the models.

Her key garments are body parts and toe shoes.



She is characterized by a supernatural beauty and reflects it through her looks.

Her key garments are minimalist and innovative pieces (avant-garde).



Her style is unique in innovation. Adored by everyone.

Her key garments are printed dresses, velvet coats and the must-have Manolos (Manolo Blahnik shoes).



With your feet on the ground as well as your style. A perfect blend of the accessible with the feminine and the sexy.

Her key garments are skinny jeans, blazers, A-line dresses.



She is the best representation of it-girls: cool, fresh and girly.

Her key garments are clothes with childish air and flats.



She is the only Spice Girl with a great sense of fashion, so much so that her clothing line is worn by almost every woman on this list.

Her key garments are Pencil skirts, flared trousers, and designer bags.



A movie star with a developed fashion sense, yet many and identify with his style for its simple glamour.

Her key garments are Technicolor dresses and iconic shoes of the season.



Contemporary classic fashion star. Always perfect and very chic.

Her key garments are Minimalist pieces.



Her looks are undeniable and unusual, but in the perfect measure, no more and no less.

Her key garments are mini-dresses, shorts and a high-impact lipstick.


She made the perfect evolution from irreverent teenager to fashion icon. His jewelry line is a must.

Her key garments are Bohemian cut-out or cut-out dresses, hats and sunglasses.



She has been the absolute queen of street style for some seasons and nobody seems to want to knock her down.

Her key garments are Clothing with volume and details such as lace, shoulder pads, etc.



She makes more than one sigh with each of her looks, no matter if they are red carpet or street style.

Her key garments are Skinny pants, shorts and the best it bags.



She is the favorite socialite of many and is an expert in mixing accessible and designer clothing.

Her key garments are Ladylike skirts, silk blouses, and jackets on the shoulder.


Celebrity jewels

In addition to clothing and other accessories, celebrity jewelry and celebrities are certainly inspiring to the fashion world, so they can be very eccentric as well as classically simple, the important thing is to attract attention and stand out.

The most expensive jewelry brands tend to lend their most exclusive pieces to large celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, who has imposed the use of a single ring because in recent public charity events she has been seen with a single ring-shaped like a skewer and matching bracelet, all in gold. Penelope Cruz who set the trend in her recent appearances wearing Chopard jewelry and conquering the lenses of all the cameras, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Winslet who recently wore Tiffany & Co jewelry imposing their fashion and style on the highest spheres of the fashion world, etc..