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What is Kumihimo? Materials and How To Develop This Technique

What is Kumihimo

The kumihimo is a Japanese technique where silk threads are intertwined, to make costume jewelry, the samurai implemented the historical use of these braids in a decorative way for their armor and their horses. These kumihimo ropes are used today as haori jackets and obijime, the weavers, developed takadai and marudai tools where more colors could be combined.

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What is kumihimo?

Kumihimo can be translated as a braided cord, but it is also part of Japanese culture. Before, it was done with the hands without the help of tools that made the work easier over time, called a kumihimo disk made of firm foam.

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What is the kumihimo disc for?

It is used to make the braids with laces; they are used to make bracelets, key rings, ornaments for bags, pendants and the disc can be round or square.
With round kumihimo the braid comes out round, while with a square disc the braid comes out flat. There are many tutorials explaining step by step how to use this disc and how to do this famous Japanese technique.

Those who are not so beginners in this technique, dazzle us with their ability to weave such beautiful accessories for everyday use in many parts of the world, ranging from ornaments for bags, bracelets, necklaces and many more.

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Materials needed for this technique

For beginners, it is necessary to have the kumihimo disk either round or square, look for the braids of different colors called mouse tails, scissors, a lighter and ready, see the tutorials and get to work.

This is the beauty of this technique; it is super-fast and easy to perform and also has many possibilities.

kumihimo tutorial


Many people have started a small business with this kumihimo technique, as lovers of woven accessories and bracelets are right buyers. Little by little, this market has emerged, and it is that the creators of the kumihimo disk have also been quite successful because they have had too many sales in the market, mostly because many people want to learn this Japanese technique of weaving silk threads.

There have also been many books on this Japanese technique called kumihimo; these books contain its history, tutorials, designs and a variety of models of these beautiful braids.


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Magazines also show us about this technique, through patterns that teach beginners how to make these bracelets and accessories. In Japan there is a wide variety of models on this technique of kumihimo, many are the people who use these accessories in this vast country, and not only there but in various parts of the world is spoken and sold this Japanese technique that has enchanted thousands of people. Kumihimo discs are also essential for beginners; it is good to see tutorials, read books and review the magazines that talk about this subject if you want to start a business with these beautiful bracelets and accessories.

The variety of bracelets that exist of kumihimo show us Japanese art in many ways and colors, their designs are beautiful and stand out from the rest.

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How to learn the technique of kumihimo?

There are many ways to learn about this Japanese technique, because in many places in the world there are already people giving workshops to groups of people, and of course the technology is advancing more and more, and now it is easy to see tutorials on YouTube on this and any topic, there are also books and magazines that talk about this and teach how to make these beautiful bracelets.

These patterns show us how to use kumihimo discs, whether round or square. Once you learn how to use this disc, you can make an infinite number of models with different colors to suit each person.

kumihimo paso a paso


Many are the color combinations that can be made as a white red, yellow green, purple pink, red yellow, brown white, black pink and thousands more, even three, four or more colors in a single bracelet or accessory.

Some countries have adopted this Japanese technique, which offers beautiful accessories and bracelets made with mouse tail braids because anywhere in the world some shops or markets show us a variety of bracelets made there or imported from Japan.

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This technique has reached many countries, and in Latin America people received this trend very well because they are one of the countries where they are most used, the main ones being Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Venezuela is a broad country in its culture, and this trend has been well received because its indigenous peoples present a specific culture similar to this Japanese technique that shows us braided of many colors in bracelets and accessories, most cities in this country tell you if to this technique and also create it and They sell then has been a very favorable market in recent years.

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Used in the clothes of Samurais

The kumihimo, used since the earliest times in the clothes of the samurai continues to preserve over the years as still many people wear it and make it reach many homes in the world, from handicrafts, accessories, and bracelets.

Every Japanese who make these garments, and makes them reach thousands of places in the world feels proud of their culture and their country, every person who makes tutorials, every person who creates albums, and every person who makes this Japanese technique, from any part of the world makes the kumihimo grow more and develop more markets worldwide, besides it is a beautiful accessory to use and does not go out of style, because they are many colors that are combined without losing the current trend and fashion.

Learning this technique is very easy but requires perseverance and discipline, it is a reasonably comprehensive technique in your designs and must be real to be raised in the best way so that it is widely sold in the market and continues to reach thousands of places in the world.

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