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Labradorite: Labradorite the magic stone of energy

Labradorite Labradorite the magic stone of energy


Gems have been the subject of conversation for everyone throughout time and they have also been the center of attention after all of the varieties of gemstones that can be found today were first discovered. Since ancient times precious stones have been used to demonstrate status within society and also to create jewelry, they were even used by merchants to do their daily transactions replacing old payment methods such as coins. Over time, gems were used by indigenous leaders, shamans and witches because it was thought that these stones had magical powers.

The Labradorite crystal stone has been one of the gems that has had more popularity over the years among jewelers and people dedicated to the art of spiritism and healing through stones. Despite of not being well known by public in general, surely the physical and magical properties it has makes it undoubtedly well known among gemology experts because besides its “ugly” appearance at first sight, this stone hides many secrets.

Labradorite, or Spectrolite as it is commonly called, is a mineral belonging to the silicate group, which in turn belongs to the subgroup known as ‘tectosilicates’ and within this family belongs to the ‘feldspars’ known as ‘plagioclases’. This stone is composed of sodium and calcium. And its name comes from its spectral iridescence property very distinctive of this stone.

Discovered in the 18th century, the Labradorite meaning refers to the region of Labrador in Canada where the stone was first discovered by a missionary.



Although this mineral is not so famous, is considered to be really beautiful and fascinating by experts even though this stone is “beautiful in its own way” because at first sight it looks like a common rock but its charm appears when the stone is rotated to look at it from an appropriate angle to appreciate its sparkling and beautiful iridescence. This sparks are usually blue but violet tones can also be found, likewise green, yellow and orange being these colors the rarest.

This stone crystalizes inside igneous and metamorphic rocks. Aside from the collector´s interest that this stone may have, this gem is currently use in the industry for the manufacture of tiles, reflective materials and varnish.


People who use this stone for spiritual purposes assure that it possesses an enormous amount of highly mystical energy and it is very protective. It´s capable of raising the consciousness and connects the carrier with the universal energies. When a bond is created with the spiritual world, those people that believe in reincarnation use it to see their past lives to ease the initiation into the world mysteries and occultism.

It is also said that it is used to prevent in a future the mistakes that were made in the past. Furthermore, people say that this stone increases the magical power of all those people who work with the art of spiritual healing. For this reason, it is recommended to use this stone well-polished and in a sphere shape.


This stone is able to connect the physical body with the spiritual body, thereby helping to know how to walk through the path that has been given, also indicating when is the right time to act without making mistakes and all of this is through psychic signals. It is also important to know that this beautiful stone helps the mind by reviving old memories, of this life or another, and that it prevents the evolution of the person so it helps them to overcome traumas that has been generated by these memories. The stone’s energy helps to make changes in people’s life and provides them with extra energy and strength.

Due to its multiple benefits it is also recommended for those people who have a feeling of obstruction with regard to ideas, since this stone increases the creative impulse and inspiration, being highly recommended for when there is a lack of creativity, providing the person with a greater capacity for action in these areas.


Regard its physical healing properties it´s used for people with eye diseases, helping to improve sight and returning it to its natural state. It also avoids eye “tiredness”. Plus, it is recommended for brain problems such as Alzheimer, for example, that is very common in the elderly. Besides, it has relaxing effects on the body, relieving stress and regulating metabolism. Since ancient time this stone has been used as a home remedy to treat cold and fever. On top of that, it balances women´s hormonal problems helping them to improve menstruation, reducing pain and normalizing the discharge, and at the same time it lowers reduces blood pressure.

Being a stone with high energetics properties it is believed to have positive effects on the chakras of the body. When is used in the third eye chakra it helps understand the reality that surrounds us, it also helps to develop the gift of intuition and the “sixth sense” that everyone has.


The Labradorite it is known as the stone of inspiration and it is said that whoever uses it will be open to a new world of possibilities and perceptions, being able to see a life problem with a different perspective giving a better capacity for reasoning and decision making, increasing also empathy and emotions towards people that surrounds the bearer. Given these points it is crucial to empathize that it is a very important tool for professionals that work with the art of healing, as it balances the aura and acts as a protective shield when working with energies, protecting the carrier from negatives energies.