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Lapis lazuli: The national protective blue gold stone

Lapis lazuli The national protective blue gold stone


Even though it is true that there is a great variety of precious stones in their different categories, in the world, each one of them has a different value, this is why each one of them is unique.Besides, there is also the demand that the stone has in the market and how difficult it is to extract from the excavations and how it must be worked so much to meet the standards.In addition to the fact that each of the gems can be found anywhere in the world, one of them is the Lapis lazuli, this gem attracts attention for many reasons more than just those that are only visible at first sight.

Its blue color is characteristic of this stone, which in the range of colors is often called overseas, it has been highly valued since ancient times for its beauty and is frequently used in jewelry most of the time to make it stand out and to demonstrate that it is a different jewel. In the world of gems, as is well known, there are many different jewelry stores all over the world that tend to give value to accessories and in this way it can be seen how the garments will be worn. Lapis lazuli is classified as a semi-precious gem, which means that its values in the jewelry market can vary and it will not always be a high price to buy it and for that reason, when it falls in the market it is usually complemented with other gems.

This semi-precious gem has many mineral components but that’s precisely what gives it its ultramarine color, they are mainly lazulite and calcium silicate, these components together make one that as a result releases and colors this stone with its characteristic blue color. Along with these minerals there is added the so-called “wollastonite” and “calcite” which provide lines or streaksof a shade between something greyish and a bitwhitish; finally, there is also a pyrite mineral which gives a shade that is almost unnoticed by people. Is usually a very light golden color being hardly noticeable but when you look carefully it is possible to see certain flashes, some more than others depending on the amount of “presence”, to call it in some way, that the mineral has inside the stone.


This elegant semi-precious gem has weight, hardness and many other characteristicsthat must be taken into consideration when buying or selling this stone. Another thing that makes this gem stand out is that this it isn’t affected when it comes in contact with some types of acids that are necessary to apply in order to study the characteristics of the mineral itself and this makes remarkable the difference from other minerals and gems.

As mentioned before, this gem is characterized by its beauty and has so many attractive features that make it highly desirable for jewelry, in addition to being known as a semi-precious stone is often more wanted than others and even in some cases, depending on the quality of the specimen, it can be handed over to major jewelry collectors and if it is consider extraordinary theycan be exhibited in museums.


This stone is extracted from many excavations or deposits throughout the world where they can be found in large or small quantities, all the gems that were used in the past were practically extracted from mines or excavations located mainly in the mountains towards the western part of Afghanistan andthey are still being extracted with the same or nearly the same procedures as those used to do the work and they haven’t changed in about thousands of years as can be estimated from the documentation that is known. In addition to Afghanistan, there are also mines in Germany, northern Chile, Angola, the United States, among other countries that have the benefit of possessing this semi-precious stone on their legally defined lands.


Lapis lazuli is so valued in the market that there are countries that name it national stone and also use it in events of great importance such as the World Cup. Chile is the most evident example since as an independent country they name this gem as a “national outstanding element” due to its different characteristics. This stone is not only used as a jewel, in fact, it has several uses but it also depends on the purpose of its application. It was at least used once to decorate the World Cup trophy because of its way of standing out in conjunction with the other gems and gold in the trophy itself. The design that jewelers usually make with this gem is typically impressive, this is one of the great reasons why people are attracted to it.

Since Chile is the most outstanding country, in the sense of naming this gem as a protected and outstanding element of the country, it continually uses this gem for its jewels, which have a high demand in the market and in addition to that its reserves providesthem with enough material to export to different places of the world where this rock is not found. Many of these exports are directed to some countries that belong to Europe and some cities in the United States. Sometimes this mineral is usually cut and worked with smaller pieces and it is also easier to make carvings, formerly it was also used by medicine both natural and traditional. There was a time when this mineral became so valued that it could exceed the price of gold and it was called the blue gold.

In the past, the so-called Gold, although its real name is now used, is quite well known in fact. One of the current reasons is because it has a stable price that makes it accessible to almost everyone, both the stone and the jewelry have reached great followers throughout the world and the truth is that it only increases, it is perhaps the beginning of a new era for this jewel.