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Lepidolite: The stress-releasing lilac healing stone

Lepidolite The stress-releasing lilac healing stone


Lepidolite is a mineral that is considered quite particular, which can be said to be derived from the group of micas. This gem is characterized above all for its uneven exterior and at the same time it has a color that can vary depending on the internal elements that it has. Its structure is flaky and it can even be mistaken with a shell. At the time it was discovered it was published by a scientist who was exclusively dedicated to the study of this specific mineral, its origin was German, and it was around the seventies that this gem or mineral at that time, became known.

Over the time, many studies were done by the discover of the stone, a lot of hours were spent on this stone and it was even possible to determine a long chemical formula that describes each and every one of the components and hidden minerals that make up this wonderful gem. The chemical composition of this gemstone is based on the quantities it possesses in the interior of certain elements of the area and certain elements of the periodic table, where these gems specific characteristics described in greater detail, it should be kept in mind that the components of this stone are of vital importance because it has both decorative and spiritual uses and they must remain pure.

Like most gems, Lepidolite takes many years to form with its final color like any other semi-precious stone. The color of this rock varies depending on the conditions in which it has been developing in its formation. Since the first excavations,a record that studies only and exclusively this gem has been taken and among this data is evidenced that the most common colors of this gem are pink, lilac, a red shade combined with pink and a combination of white lines that can be seen when holding one of these gems in your hands, in certain cases, but in very few, you can see that the color of this gem can turn a little yellowish or in one of these yellow tones, but it is something very occasional so it almost never happens, it is more common to find them with the other colors that have been mention.


Keeping these records has been helpful, especially when it comes to finding out or discovering any strange data and references that can be taken from the sites where they found the gems presenting the curious data. Sometimes when anomalies are found in their formations or any other detail, it can be consulted or added to the list of details already recorded, this stone is not characterized by developing with any figure, in fact, it grows however it comes giving its development and are often uneven shapes, meaning that it cannot be considered as figures. This stone has various uses and is currently used both in the workplace and in accessory and fashion applications (embroidery on fabrics) that can be added, its particularity makes it very desirable by people.


In mining, lithium is used or extracted as a long-lasting source of another mineral, it is always associated with this mineral due to the characteristics it can give to mining companies. Likewise, it is known to be a very rare or almost unknown source of the unusual “rubidium” or better known as “cesium”, these are chemical components that are used in various work areas.


According to some religions that apply the energy of the stone, this gem gives them a healing confidence or relaxation. It is always for the benefit of people who submit to these treatments to be able to overcome satisfactorily all the problems that they have or at least most of them, whether in the person’s house or in society, often used to stabilize the spirit.

In ancient times it was very popular to use certain stones, in shamanic or spiritual rites this semiprecious stone can provide a remarkable stress reduction of the problems that you get to have in life, it helps to eliminate insomnia caused by any kind of problems that appears, it also helps to free the addictions of both the person undergoing treatment and those people close to him/her, it completely restructures the DNA chain, it even has a reputation of being very good at the time of menopause and in addition to all of that, it has curative and detoxifying effects for the skin and damaged tissues that require a cure or some kind of intervention to improve their condition. Each of the tribes guarding the area has its own uses other than those already mentioned.


Lepidolite is commonly found in a lilac color, this is the most common form on the market today. in fact, although there are records that say that the other colors are scarce and they tend to be more of an object of collection by people, some them may be grayish. The stone has several weights and sizes and it can be bought spherically shaped, it can also be found as stone or integrated directly into an ornament, this depends on the area where is sold. There are countries that sell this gemstone as an ornament integrated into decorative pieces which makes people want to buy them quicker, the reason is its lilac color that becomes familiar with materials or minerals that meet these characteristics, its similarity and components in relation to lithium also makes it desired in various markets.

There are many decorations made entirely with figures, bases and other elements made of this semi-precious stone and is quite used in jewelry as wellhelping to highlight the small details where it is completely used.