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Louis Vuitton Jewelry’s Success Story

Louis Vuitton New Jewelry's Success Story

In history, we have met many artists who stand out for their fabulous creations. Most of them have crossed borders, cultures, societies and have set trends. These renowned brands become true icons of fashion and jewelry. In this article, we will explore one of the world’s most important fashion houses, recognized by many over time. Join us on this journey through the exploits of the Louis Vuitton brand.

Louis Vuitton has an attractive and exciting history. The typical brand of travel bags and accessories has transcended from generation to generation. Here we will tell you the most epic moments that led her to become the ONE.



Louis Vuitton jewelry: the story of success in jewelry

In 1821, Louis Vuitton was born in a small French village. In an area bordering on Switzerland lived a family of limited resources, which was dedicated to tasks related to the management of wood. At the age of 16 in 1837, he set out for Paris.

He made a journey of almost 400 km on foot, in search of more excellent opportunities to work and get out ahead. At that time the means of transport were trains, boats, and horse-drawn carriages. Due to the hustle and bustle of these transports, the passengers’ belongings were damaged.

This is why wood artisans were asked to make protectors to transport valuables. It was then that Louis, with 17 years old at that moment, developed several models of suitcases with unique and high-quality models. This allowed Louis to open his first store at number 4 on Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, near the Place Vendôme.

In 1859, the “Atelier” was opened, the workshop where the bags and suitcases designed by Louis Vuitton were handcrafted. At the same time, it became his family’s home, since next to the studio, a large part of the Vuitton family was forged and educated during their stay in Paris.

Another significant topic was the development of the Tumbler lock since some travelers’ luggage included valuable items, which, not having a security tool for handling them, were easily accessible to thieves, which is why in 1886 Louis and his son Georges developed and patented a unique locking system with two spring buckles.

In 1896 he designed the monogram canvas that we know today, with which he sought to differentiate himself from other brands. Different Japanese emblems inspired Louis, so he incorporated the shape of petals around figures like circles and inserted the initials of his deceased father. A year later the canvas was patented, and in 1905 it was registered as a trademark.

In 1936 George died, and the company was taken over by his son Gaston, who developed products with new materials that would make the bags waterproof. Gaston entered the search for new markets, that’s when he managed to reach the Asian market in 1978.

In the 80’s ´s magnate Bernard Arnault acquired the designs of the Vuitton family and created the basis for the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy luxury brand group. In the 90’s, it began to emerge brands of new designers such as Marc Jacobs with whom they sought to update the designs of the brand and generate more connection with the new generations.


The world of jewelry

Vuitton lovers were dazzled. The fabulous brand that revolutionized fashion with its leather suitcases opened an exclusive store to incorporate jewelry and watches to its product panel. The 23rd Place Vendôme in Paris was the place chosen to open this branch, a few meters from Rue Neuve des Capucines, the typical street on which Louis Vuitton established its first store in 1854.
The store had a legendary studio in the attic, where artists, creatives, and jewelers were inspired to make the best pieces of jewelry.

When the store was opened, Yves Carcelle, President and CEO of Louis Vuitton, said: “We are delighted to open our first store dedicated solely to watches and jewelry in the Place Vendôme in Paris and we are proud that our first high jewelry workshop is located in this historic home of the jeweler’s expert”, “Here, our craftsmen will be able to express their talent in all its breadth and produce exceptional pieces for the enjoyment of our customers”.

In this way, Yves Carcelle welcomed the new headquarters of valuable jewels.
The leading firm in the LVMH division (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) accounts for 37% of the group’s total profits, and the jewelry sector accounts for 8% of the turnover of this French conglomerate, which includes luxury jewelry and watches brands such as Tag Heuer, Hublot, Dior, among others.

The year 2001 marked the beginning of the immersion of the jewellery in the valuable Louis Vuitton items, with the creation of fabulous pieces created by Marc Jacobs, the firm’s leading designer, responsible for the “Charm bracelet”, with beautiful versions in white, yellow and pink gold, some with diamonds, which have the monogram of the signature interspersed, as well as delicate pendants of locks and keys.

The French Louis Vuitton also has an elegant collection that reinterprets its emblematic Monogram flowers. Each motif has its corresponding gold color (pink, yellow or white) complemented by the brilliance of a diamond. “A perfect match for an ideal jewel at any occasion.”

The Monogram Idylle women’s collection has a wide variety of accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that can be combined. The earrings are not pairs, but individual pieces, and there are three different models to choose from to connect them according to your taste.

The space created in the Place Vendôme in Paris is the place where the most precious stones are exhibited, set in fabulous jewelry, which will take on the luxury and brilliance of the dazzling collections, such as Louis Vuitton “L’Ame Du Voyage”, a group of jewelry that attracts thousands of women around the world.



From the very beginning, LV surprised the public with its innovative designs. Futuristic handbags and backpacks, modern shoes that highlight elements of glam culture. On the catwalks of this prestigious brand, it is enough to look at its accessories to highlight the art in each design.

As mentioned above, Louis Vuitton clothing and accessories were initially developed for our comfort in stylish, quality travel products. That has always been the reputation of the brand.

But with the arrival of Marc Jacobs at the head of Louis Vuitton, the house has mutated from being the brand of “suitcases” of first necessity for the upper class. Now the creative side of the campaign is guided by Lorenz Baumer, who took the reins to transform the image of the French house giving it a chic, brilliant and certainly burlesque touch.
In the collection, we will also find collar necklaces that designers usually recommend for everyday use. However, let’s not forget that the collars designed with metal in the shape of branches and flowers were and still are one of the latest milestones in contemporary fashion.

Louis Vuitton surprised the jewelry market with his extraordinary copper earrings (gold-plated). The shape of the earrings follows the contour of the ear. They leave us in between to see the eventual return of the earrings. It can be said that these pieces look more stylish. And the symbolism of the Louis Vuitton house (the iconic letter “V”) has also been inscribed in the zodiacal signs.

LV in one of its collections presented an accessory as a gift for the faithful lovers of the classic style: A leather key ring, was the present for the fans of the brand. This eye-catching piece is used as a decoration for the wallets, evoking the theme of the patch, one of the favorites in the autumn-summer 2016 collection. The model has a graphic floral pattern, which is similar to the traditional pattern of Indian fabric. An excellent way to make your bag unique and glamorous.



Louis Vuitton Jewelry

With the launch of the “Time Travel” and “Make a Promise” collection, there was a new collection of Louis Vuitton jewellery in the form of the letters of the alphabet, “LV & Yo”. The original lyrics have already been produced, but for the moment the products came out with an innovative and revolutionized new format.

Louis Vuitton launched his original jewelry store under the name “I & Me”. They now have a new name and a fresher presentation (letters of gold and other precious metals). The small metal letters form the word “boys”. In this collection, the designers wanted to showcase not only the brand’s modern strategy, but also its luxury jewellery; the creative team of the house wanted to transmit a new respite from LV: jewellery and accessories, precisely for women.

The gold letters in the new Louis Vuitton collection have three bands on each element. It is a sequence of 26 letters, with which you can make different combinations of words or names, nicknames and significant initials. Each letter is sold with its own gold chain and bears the “LV” brand logo on it.

This garment can be used in different ways, one of them is the traditional or standard (on the neck) or it can also be used as a bracelet. The Louis Vuitton fashion house is expanding rapidly around the world, continuing to cross borders and cultures, all thanks to the wide variety of models designed with “LV”.


Blossom BB Collection

The flower jewelry line, shines light on the famous Louis Vuitton monogram quatrefoil flower (petals or meticulous flowers jewelry). This emblematic model is reflected in the new BB Color Blossom Collection. Where its iconic petals take centre stage, there is a subtle miniature display and sparkles of fresh colours.

The faithful embodiment of the heritage of Louis Vuitton and Savoir-faire is the Monogram flower. It opens in three dimensions: in the pendants, bracelets and earrings of the Color Blossom BB collection, each made with subtle care in mother-of-pearl crafts and ornamental stones.

The designers had a very unique and unique vision of the gems used in each of the Louis Vuitton designs. The subtlety of rose gold, the vibrant shades of turquoise, Malachite and lapis lazuli shine brightly against yellow gold and shiny onyx. A dynamic harmony is created against the powerful white gold.

In the traditional vocabulary of Jewellers, each precious stone has its own virtue: mother of pearl conveys well-being, malachite brings luck, onyx symbolizes strength. And turquoise represents vitality, while lapis lazuli calls for peace and serenity. With synchronized tones and shapes that sparkle with elegance and exuberance, the Blossom BB Color is a testament to the creativity and uniqueness of Louis Vuitton jewelry.

In conclusion, Louis Vuitton has been and will be a significant icon in the fashion world. Over time he has brought unique designs that break into trends around the world. Today, the Maison still retains the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented an authentic “art of travel” through luggage, handbags and jewellery.