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Love Phrases To Give An Engagement Ring

Love Phrases To Give An Engagement Ring

Love phrases to give the engagement ring


Love phrases are part of the daily life of a relationship. Especially when it gets serious and leads to marriage. That is where we stop to think, “What should I say to be taken seriously?” What kind of phrases would you like to hear, “How should I propose myself without losing my romanticism and show them that it is seriousness that speaks for me,””What if I say something wrong and they reject me?

That is how we could continue to list an infinite number of questions, which will lead you to highlight all your insecurities even before you plan the proposal, but you shouldn’t have done it, I bring you love phrases to propose something to the person you love.

Don’t be afraid, that there are already some beautiful love phrases here, that you can share for the day of your proposal, showing her exactly what you feel, and that what you say is deeply sincere and honest; but don’t be afraid if you believe that what you say doesn’t belong to you, it is always good to personalize the content a little, add dates, places, names, moments, expressions and content that only you, as a couple, can dedicate, so that these phrases play that particular role, to put your creativity into them and show that you are sincere, even if you receive help to clarify your thoughts.

I’ll make it even easier for you, I recommend the following love phrases, so you can identify with a boy, go straight to her and choose the one you like best. I will leave you two or three of each and I am sure you will take one and complete it or get the inspiration to create your own.



Love phrases for romantic people:

“That day of _______, when I first saw you, I felt my heart beating with strength, and listening to your sweet ___________, it melted all the ice in my heart that was accentuating, with each year of misadventures, today ________ of ___________, is the day I decide to ask you: Do you want to be my wife?”

“You represent all the beauty I can have in life, you _____________ make my days bright and full of energy, I feel that without your ____________________________ I could not live more than a few hours, and without your presence you will condemn me to a more painful death for love that can be known, so I ask you Do you want to be my wife?”

“Every night as we leave and say goodbye I feel an emptiness in my heart, I want to wake up with you and see your face every night, you are ______________________________ that I want to have and live, I want our love to perpetuate in history and I want to be able to say when we are ___________ years old that this was the best choice we could make, Do you want to marry me?


Love phrases for skeptic people


“I still can’t believe the way we met and the whole time we’ve been together, since that ______________ I felt it was a dream, one I could wake up from and find myself alone, yet today I feel _______________ and I want to know, will you marry me?”

“Though many say that changes are good, I am a believer that they are not, but you showed me that I can be wrong, since you made me feel things that there was never any _______________, and with your clean smile you made me go further than I longed for, will you marry me?”


Love phrases for extravagant or exaggerated people


“Today _____, having as witnesses all these people, unknown until today, I want to confess how much I love you and how important you have become to me, and before this audience I want to know will you marry me?

“No matter how hard I try and how embarrassing it gets, but (you stop in the middle of the street and kneel down, you take the ring out of your pocket) And I want you to be sincere (you show her the ring) Do you want to marry me and be the love of my life forever, sharing my ideals and I yours at all times, waking up and sleeping, sharing and dealing with our differences and looking for a solution where both results are compensated?”

“The day I met you, we walked through this park laughing at the jokes and jokes of our friends, we didn’t know what was going on or because suddenly we were alone and we talked until we got tired, I saw your face rosy and full of life, ashamed to be in front of a stranger without, according to you, having your best ______________, but I didn’t care, I thought I saw the most beautiful woman in the world and in an instant my heart turned to feelings unknown until now, today __________ to ________ years/days/weeks after meeting you I have filled with courage and all these people as a witness and with a firm belief that you feel the same as me Do you want to marry me?”

Love phrases for them

(This is a special section for those risky women who dare to break the mold that placates them and go and take the first step, we know they are creative women and they just need a spark that will ignite all the ideas saved for fear of not being what you expect.


“I’ve never met anyone else before, I know it’s simply beyond what you could understand or you’ll surely wonder if it’s true what you’re going through today, and that’s why here, with my heart in my hand and my feelings at the forefront I want to know with all your honesty Do you want to marry me?”

“Although my spontaneous and carefree personality makes you think I’m a woman too crazy for commitment, I want you to know that since I met you my life has changed, your good times and bad times, your willingness to keep up with me, and the harmony felt in every day of our lives, has shown me that you’re the person I’d like to spend the rest of my life with and I want to know if you think the same thing, will you marry me?”


The important thing about having love phrases to share at such an important time is that you put your heart and sincerity into them, there is nothing more romantic than speaking the truth and showing the person you love how much you care about them, remembering dates, moments and details that have happened to them from the moment they met until now, showing how much they have grown together and how determined they are to live a long life with each other.