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Magnetite: The energy magnetizing stone

Magnetite The energy magnetizing stone


This stone isan element found in many excavations and this is due to the fact that it has minerals inits interior which are mainly made up of “ferrous oxide” and many other elements that can be seen in modern chemistry. In this area of study minerals also have a formula that helpsto describe their compounds according to their feature. The name of this stone is owed to a city of Greek origin in which it was very common and easy to find, this is why it becomes a verypopular mineral in ancient Greece.

The high concentration of components sensitive to magnetism is due to something natural but very unusual because it is a physical anomaly of the rock itself that produces magnetism of elements that have the same characteristics and together, after completing a long and slow process end up with a high concentration of magnetism and a large number of magnetic moments result in strong components being coupled together and finally turn this rock into a magnet. This gem is also known by other names, the most common ismagnet stone or just magnet. The extraction of this stone is somewhat complicated because its natural properties make it difficult to extract since it has problems when it comes to fracturing and sticking to the machinery.

Depositsfrom which this stone is extracted are found in large quantities, the large number of companies that handle this type of material is quite extensive and are located especially in Sweden, mostly in a mountain that stands out for having a large amount of these stones, it measures about a thousand meters high and is almost entirely composed of magnetite and for this reason is protected and differs from other deposits. Something very interesting about this area is that from an aerial view, this mountain can be distinguished from the surroundings because it has a dark color that is almost like a very large stain and also turns a little bluish due to the earth compounds of that area giving those aspects from the satellite view of Sweden. Kiruna is the name of the community that has this mountain in its surroundings.


In this Kiruna community, besides having a large quantities of Magnetite, it has high levels of other minerals that can be said to be secondary due to the fact that Magnetite is more demanded in the stone market since the presence of quartz makes combinations with Magnetite and thanks to it, certain characteristics are created in the map of the area. As an important mineral along with another called Hematite, this gem has around seventy-two percent of iron in its compounds, this undoubtedly places it as one of the most iron-bearing elements that exists in earth. This stone when used by people can be used as a guide point from the planet’s own magnetic field to travel a correct path.


Although it seems impossible, it is almost always bees and mollusks that use this mineral to guide themselves somewhere else. On the other hand, several animals such as pigeons, for example, have small pieces of Magnetiteadded to their small peaks and thus know the direction of the magnetic field and for this same reason it can be seen that the bees are able to find their way and position themselves correctly. It is also necessary to see that certain microorganisms, better known as bacteria, have inside them micro Magnetite crystals and vary in the quantity depending on how big the microorganism is, besides being surrounded by a membrane created by the same organism and arranged in such a way that a kind of individual compass is formed. All of this is possible thanks to this mineral and the bacteria can therefore swim following lines of the magnetic field.


It often happens that this mineral is used in construction and that it belongs to mixtures or any material that is necessary in the useful life of the construction. The Magnetite stands out for having a distinguished strong black color usually opaque, which gives it that different appearance from other minerals and gems that exist in the market, and is also used in a decorative way in the house. One of the characteristics that plays in its favor is the distinction in the market as far as the mineral is concerned, it is worked until it is of a bright color since adding all the characteristics can make this stone attractive for more daily uses. Many times it is worked until it is possible to obtain a geometric form and go in a specific place. This rock is naturally found in abundance depending on where it is found and its value is not as high as gold.

Is usually healthy, which means ¨no fractures¨ so that it can be presented to factories and people interested in the stone without any problem. Its hardness is not as strong as in other stones but it also depends on what kind of tests it is subjected to in the jewelry market. This type of stone is also considered a gemstone and is therefore collected by people and needed for its characteristics and not because it is a very common mineral means that it is not prized. Many of the most precious specimens that stand out in the market come from Bolivia because it is where it is most needed, yet it must be taken into consideration that most of these stones comes from the United States.

Being the only stone in the world that can adhere to metal surfaces makes it stand out as unique. In the spiritual world it is said that this stone aligns the energies, chakras and body flows and magnetizes the energy of each individually.