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Moissanite: The stone often confused with diamond

Moissanite The stone often confused with diamond


Moissanite is a mineral stone that belongs specifically to the semi-metals and non-metals according to the classification it can receive when studied in depth. It is one of the rarest minerals on earth originally discovered by Moissan, it has its own chemical formula that describes all the elements that compose this rock that was previously called “silicon carbide”.  It causes a great attraction because the details and physical characteristics can confuse it with another gem very similar to the Diamond because of its great resemblance in several interesting aspects.

This mineral as mentioned above was discovered by Moissan while he was examining several rock samples that were located in the crater of the iconic meteorite located in the famous Devil’s Canyon in Arizona, United States in 1893. This mineral, when it was first seen, had been easily confused by its external characteristics with the diamonds that are known today, but when this stone was subjected to several studies it was discovered that there were differences between both elements. The name given to this mineral is in honor of its discoverer, many people do this to honor their most important discoveries, in this case the name was given while their discoverer and researcher was alive and is a detail that was recorded in history as we know it.


The discovery of the Moissanite for a long time was questioned because it was unknown that this material could be a human product or a misidentified mineral. Around the 1950s there was no idea where the source of this striking element could be found but after long investigations of the earth’s hiding places a location of this material was found in a well-known Yakutia mine in 1959. however, even with the location of the cave where they were found these same elements that were located in Devil’s Canyon were still in doubt about their veracity and it was not until 1969 that the American researchers and scientists who still did not trust this discovery, realized that it was something really natural and not a manufactured product.


In the extensive studies that were carried out on the fragments found in the area, it was determined that certain chemical elements that are only present in meteorites that have already been studied, from here many mysteries were revealed that surrounded many of these elements, as its origin was accurate and dictated the presence of something outside the planet, in other words, it was from space and was located on planet earth by the impact of a meteorite that left traces of this material in the collision zone.

This material has physical properties that are appreciated by people who know about jewelry and more of these extremely rare types, the most striking feature is its crystalline structure that is held together by strong bonds.


The fact that it does not allow an easy separation between itself makes it quite similar in hardness to Diamond because its molecular characteristics and physical structure are very alike. Due to its characteristics it can be established that this material can withstand high pressures and voltages. In addition to all these components have a high variety of colors that make it very attractive to scientists and not only that but the colors they have are qualified in the chromatic tables with which the diamonds are evaluated. That is to say, its value becomes very high, but commercially it is not allowed the manipulation by people regardless of who it is because it is an element that since is not proper to the earth its radiation level can become dangerous for everyone in general.


Currently on the market and thanks to the studies applied by scientists there is a very similar element that meets almost all the characteristics possible to recreate Diamond. The man-made Moissanite is almost a perfect copy of the original. The traditional use of this element in jewelry is quite common as it has many ways of being used as a sampleand can even make a copy of a Diamond thanks toits similar characteristics. Owning a ring with a beautiful Diamond and this element makes it almost impossible to tell the difference between them, anyone who doesn’t know enough about this type of minerals can easily be confused when seeing the similarity. One of the big differences between them is that large Diamonds do worth a lot of money.


This element being a creation of a scientific laboratory does not equal the value of a real Diamond, obviously the prices are different, but it is always important to highlight this difference, as it doesn’t have the same price this element found could even be used as low-cost jewelry for people who do not have a great economic accessibility as those who are able to acquire a real Diamond. Likewise, these two elements can be used in the same garment to make an extra decoration due to the fact that shredding a Diamond into such tiny pieces is very expensive and not good for the material itself, so it is better to use a copy element for a better distinction in the market and when buying to stand out from the other garments that are around it at the counter.

Nowadays you have to know how to differentiate jewelry from each other in order to know what you are actually buying and whether the purchase together with the price was right with the material you ordered or if on the contrary is a counterfeit and above all you have to ask for a certification of the stones to know which are purchased.