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Moon Stone: The Stone of

Moon Stone


The Moonstone has gained increasing popularity when it comes to jewelry applications; While it is true that there are many gems that are given the same name (for its similar characteristics), the real moonstone is the oligoclase one and is the one used in jewelry more often, since it has an iridescent color and its base is white, this one is truly appreciated as a gem.

This is a gem that derives from the adularias and the best examples of this stone come from Ceylon, but we have also seen stones of very good quality and crystal clear in the Alps and in areas of the Vesuvius.


In its composition, it can be seen that the moonstone contains aluminum, silicate and potassium, and it is because of this combination of minerals that it obtains its brightness which is comparable to the dim glow of the moon and that is why it gets its name for its brightness similar to it, which can be appreciated when the light touches it and lodges in some of the gemstone that makes its brightness increase or decrease, but this certainly does not detract from this gem.


In many countries this gem is known as the stone of mother earth and / or as the stone of the traveler and was used as an amulet for those who made trips from town to town to guide and care for them, the ancient people believed that this (the moonstone), had a special quality in women, especially in pregnant women, both when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy, as helping to deliver the child in the right way and without complications, or for the baby, or for the mother.


It is considered a gem of medium hardness, which helps when it comes to shaping its many and diverse uses in jewelry, however, the truth, is that there are no large deposits of this gem, and the known ones are believed to have a limited production.

This stone is very difficult to extract due to the depth in which it is found in the earth, the main deposits of this stone occur in the Austrian Alps, in the cold areas of Norway, in Sri Lanka, in northern Mexico, in Poland, on the island of Madagascar and in the United States.

While it is true that these Moonstones are given in various climates, only very few of these stones are really considered jewels and are used for the different things that are demanded of it in fine jewelry. The extraction of the stone must be done by hand, since in spite of being a hard stone it is very prone to scratching and to have notches, that is also why it is so valuable, due to its extraction method.


It is said that the Moonstone has a lot of magical power, more than some other gems that handle the energy, often this stone is used to treat physical and / or psychic ills, but it is mainly used to help the handling of emotions.

It should be noted that, although stones are used as talismans and amulets to attract good vibrations and discard bad energies, the truth is that they should be used as supplements to medical treatment, never as a substitute for it; it is very important that it is never left, unless it is finished.


Once the previous point is cleared, we can say that one of the most traditional uses of the Moonstone is in the menstrual and fertility treatment, especially in women; this stone helps maintain menstrual cycles and ovulation cycles in order and balance, which helps fertilization have a higher probability of happening.

Although its use is mostly in women, in men it helps emotional openness, which means that it helps them to express and understand the feelings of others, without feeling shame or embarrassment.


Psychologically speaking, the moonstone is highly recommended when it comes to providing relief and freeness to many people who feel trapped in their own thoughts, this is mostly present in people who have not been able to make their own choices of life or also that they have suffered from a great overprotection since childhood and over time have acquired certain neurotic features.


This gem is associated with a goddess of the moon in particular, the Goddess Diana (it has always been believed that the only one that exists is Selene, but the truth is that there are many more). It is advised that for this goddess to hear prayers and fulfill what you want to ask, the offerings and rituals that are made are made exclusively during the full moon.


The Moonstone is closely related to everything that has to do with love, like passion among lovers, help to awaken intuition and success; it is widely used as a talisman because it provides protection on land and in the sea.

The Moonstone is highly associated with women, but the truth is that it should be more associated with teenagers, since it is said that the guardian of this gem is not really a woman, but a teenager and that they are the ones who represent pure and true love, because true love is known in adolescence and that is why the guardian will always fulfill the devotes desires of those teenagers who seek pure and true love.

As we could see very well the Moonstone is a gem characterized by its rarity and its resemblance to the moon, with which it is compared in beauty and brightness, we see that its rarity is not only for its brightness and color, but for the places where they are and the way they are extracted and that is why it is considered one of the rarest and most valuable gems that nature has given us.