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The 10 Most Expensive Jewels and Their Curiosities

The 10 Most Expensive Jewels and Their Curiosities

The 10 Most Expensive Jewels and Their Curiosities

In this article you will be able to enjoy the 10 most expensive jewels and their curiosities. These jewels are the most precious, whether for their incomparable beauty, their extraordinary value, their dazzling shine, their exceptional cut or their particular colour.

Also, to know the details of its obtaining, its trajectory, the quality of the diamonds, as well as the metals and other precious stones that adorn and complement these jewels worthy of a princess.

Any contemporary woman would like to wear such wonderful clothes, so in this space we will tell you about each of these pieces of art that may not be available to you, but you can enjoy their impressive beauty whenever you want.

Top 10 most expensive jewelry ranging in value from $20 million

These galas are so exclusive that they have been created especially for the whims of some people, who invest their fortune to have within their attire an accessory of spectacular design Simply and unique. Sometimes rings, sometimes necklaces, bracelets or earrings, but all are amazingly exceptional. We will show you the 10 most expensive jewels and their details



  1. Perfect Pink Diamond Ring

We started with the countdown of the most expensive jewellery among which is number 10, the Perfect Pink Diamond Ring, valued at $23.2 million, which alludes to his name. There are no imperfections in color or cut.

This accessory is made up of a pink diamond weighing 14.23 carats, delicately adorned with other precious stones that highlight the central stone. The auction was held on the Asian continent, where it stood out overwhelmingly and for which they offered 17 million euros.


  1. Winston Blue Ring

We continue with position number 9, corresponding to the Winston Blue Ring, at a cost of 23.8 million dollars, considered the largest pure blue diamond in the world. It is believed to come from southern Africa, although its origin is really unknown and its weight is 13.22 carats.

Its purchase was made at Christie’s in Geneva in 2014 by the luxury jewelry store Harry Winston Inc. in the United States and the curious fact is that it currently belongs to the jewels of a privileged bride.

8.Chopard Clock

Then, in our top 10 most expensive jewelry, you have the stunning Chopard Watch, estimated at $25 million, consisting of 847 tiny diamonds of different sizes and a weight of 201 carats. It has the peculiarity that to see the time, three larger diamonds must be removed. It is considered one of the most expensive garments in the world and of unparalleled beauty.

  1. Necklace Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite

Finally, among the jewels of the 20 million, we have the dazzling and delicate Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace, with a cost of 27.4 million dollars, made up of 27 beautiful emeralds and its tips close with precious rubies and diamonds. The name of this wonderful garment is in honor of Woolworth’s successor, Barbara Hutton, and Nina Mdivani, who was the Princess of Georgia.

  1. Diamond bikini

In the position that follows and approaching the most valuable and desired pieces of jewelry, is the only diamond bikini, worth $30 million, with 150 carats of shine, with diamonds of various sizes. The interesting fact behind this relic is that it is rumored that because of this bikini there were several warlike conflicts between the governments of Wei, Shu and Wu.

  1. Blue diamond Zoe

Another spectacular marvel of art is the Zoe Blue Diamond, which is the most striking jewel on our list, valued at $32.6 million, at 9.75 carats, considered the most valuable specimen.

  1. Graff Pink Diamond Ring

Finishing with this group, we present the Graff Pink Diamond Ring, with an exceptional design and a cost of 46.2 million dollars. Consists of 24 carats of this unique piece of jewelry. The story behind this gem tells that it was initially owned by Harry Winston, and then was purchased at auction by a collector named Laurence Graff.

  1. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

This section will display the extreme luxury jewel, called L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace; a stunning accessory for a special occasion, at an incredible price of $55 million.  Made up of 90 white 220-carat diamonds, a huge 407-carat yellow gem hangs from them in the centre and is created by Mouawad, a luxury jeweller’s shop.  The peculiar comment about this garment is that the yellow stone was found by a young girl more than three decades ago in the Congo.

  1. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

We then moved on to the penultimate position with the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond, a stunning $57.6 million, 14.62 carat, triangular blue gemstone named after its former owner, president of De Beers’ trading division. This extraordinary piece is considered the gem of gems, which rests on a ring with two brilliant trapezoidal diamonds.

Among the particularities for the acquisition of this jewel, the story goes that the auction generated some inconveniences, since there were several bidders. However, the lucky buyer was the well-known Oppenheimer and the proceeds from this spectacular gem was the largest ever raised by a jewel in history.

  1. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Finally, and in the first position, leading the list, we have the most expensive jewel in the world, called Diamond Wittelsbach-Graff, with a value of 80 million dollars, with 35.52 carats originally, that after being acquired and modified by the jeweler Laurence Graff, for an amount of 23.4 million dollars, increased its cost immediately, although it lost 4.5 carats. According to history, this diamond was given as a complement to the dowry to Leopold I of Austria by Philip IV, for the wedding of Margarita Teresa.

The initial owners of the ring were from the Royal Family Wittelsbach approximately from the decade of the 70, later for the first years of the 2000, this article took to auction by the house Christie’s of London, happen at the hands of its new owner.







Lawrence Graff, from there comes the second surname of this valuable gem.