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Obsidian: The powerful stone, protective against bad energies

Obsidian The powerful stone, protective against bad energies


The Obsidian is a jewel that stands out because its beauty enchants many people and more for the value it now has in the market. These minerals, like others, have different magical powers that help people to improve their days by giving protection and other attractions that many seek for today with magic minerals. There is white, gold and black Obsidian. Each of these colors can be represented in different ways according peoples’ criteria and cultures where they are developed throughout their lives. The important thing is to know how to choose correctly.

The white, gold and black Obsidian are genuinely of volcanic origin. We can specifically redirect to the golden Obsidian, this is familiar to the aforementioned and is one of the most notable for having the beautiful and appealing golden color on a deep black color. The gilded are basically like flashes that categorize as stones that are above the others. Spheres of this stone or golden eyes can be formed and the quality of this stone is so great that when observed by people the look is blurred between the almost perfect finishes of it and with this it attracts much more attention from those who have the benefit of looking. People tend to get lost just by looking at these specimens and maybe that’s why they are attracted to each one of the obsidians on the market without knowing the different meanings that each one may have.


These minerals have a long way to go in the history of people and cities likewise. The warmth of these pieces on the market is returning with increasing peaks and different varieties. This mineral is used to elaborate a task of revelation with the people, which means that it opens the spirit of the people and besides that it explores the evil and extracts them is an etymological way, the Obsidian is also known colloquially like volcanic glass and which at the same time turns it into an igneous rock of the zones that has volcanoes in its surroundings. All people have proportions of evil in their being, this is due to something primitive and natural that everyone has and to some extent is necessary to have a proper survival on the planet. The small quotas of darkness are always developed but you decide how far.

Letting anger and frustration grow against someone who has managed to make you feel those impulses is very negative, the different types of fears, the pains they cause us and that we cause over time, as well as lies and self-centeredness are elements that this rock takes away from our being to make us a better person, as it is said above, the quotas of evil and darkness have to be eliminated at some point in life. According to detailed records, this stone is not considered a 100% mineral, that is to say, it belongs to the category of mineraloids that also has its own chemical chain that dictates all the components that are integrating this rock. The black color is one of the most common and its shades or pigmentations can vary according to the levels of impurities it has.


Pigmentations are very important throughout the development of these stones, that is to say, it is often affected by impurities that are introduced into the interior of the stone in full formation and with the union of the internal components with this introduced foreign agent is gradually desolated pigmenting until it reaches shades such as green or white. This stone is impressive for those who work with it because at the moment of making a cut, this rock can change color progressively and becomes an amazing process of transformation, the way of cutting is very important, this does not mean that with any cut the stone can change from black to green in a matter of time. The white, gold and black Obsidian are made of a very hard and firm material.


As its hardness is well taken into consideration, this is measured to determine what type of cuts can be made and when making an incorrect cut and suffering a fracture the edges or tips are very sharp and hard. The most important deposits of this rock can be found in Russia, USA, China and Mexico. This stone encourages us to have a rapid growth and provides us with psychological and celestial support. Doing repeated therapies of purification and relaxation of the body with this stone can make us change our attitude and make us see better all the things that this life doesn’t offer in the future. Each rock as mentioned above gives very good results and the meanings of each of them is very relevant for people and these three are the most important according to market surveys conducted to find out more production information.


This black colored rock is a very powerful stone, and it is also very outstanding for its creativity, despite its color, which at the same time has its meaning. It is based on self-control in different situations and it also forces us to confront the true being. It is very protective and in addition to everything repels the bad energies that can be crossed in the way that you decide to travel, that’s why it is so important to have a copy of this with the color corresponding to the true situations of life with which you are gambling. Healing is always the best option to improve things and make you change your perspective, it also disperses bad feelings and relaxes your body completely, together in the area of your psychology it will also be positively affected to enhance change within you.