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Onyx: The stone of



The Onyx is one of the protective stones of this world, they will always be studied by professionals in different areas, with the purpose of identifying what they really are and other than that, to know exactly everythingthat has to do with its principles.

The life span of a rock can be determined by carrying out various hardness studies in which the object under study is subjected to different tests in order to know more about it. The Onyx does not make any difference, that is to say, this stone has healing properties and these also become very precious for people who need to have a specimen with them.

No matter what type of stone it is and the magical or celestial powers that it possesses inside it, these will always be studied and their data will be shown to the general public, so that each person has the information needed in a way that just by investigating they can be well informed about everything.

The prices of each specimen vary depending on the requirements of the market at the time and how difficult it may become to extract and handle the materials and sediments contained in this mineral.


The Onyx is made of anhydrous silicate, and it is confirmed that its hardness is level 7 by the pre-established scales (the hardness scale that is always used to measure the same thing under study is called the Mosh Scale). With this scale, an infinite number of specimens are measured to determine their hardness.


The general characteristics of these specimens found in the mineral markets start with the color of the unit, you can see at plain sight that this stone has a deep black color throughout its interior and is usually the most common color that can be located between these specimens.

But as always there are exceptions in this specimen, the strangest colors can be white (something like a grain or more related to a beige), and these other stones of the same type, but with different colors, have different properties. Each one of them has a different use depending on the color. As is well known, color represents energies and has different meanings depending on the cultures where they are seen and the countries of production and export.


These stones are originally from South America, because the most important Onyx deposits in the world are located in Uruguay and Brazil, both countries are the ones that have these precious specimens in the interior of their lands.


As is well noted, the variety of colors that the Onyx stone possesses (some more extensive than others, specifically the color black), in this mineral was historically used extensively by the people who lived in Rome. The Romans were people who stood out in history for their continuous use of a great variety of jewels and gemstones, giving them different uses and meanings, from collection and protection to luxury and categorization.


In ancient documentations or written interpretations, it was written that the use in which these mineral materials were applied was in manufacturing is accessory.

Brooches, stamps and other jewelry accessories were some of the ancient uses of the Onyx stone. The black one was always used because it was precisely the one that could be located quickly, nowadays it has not changed due to the very same reasons.

Normally Onyx rocks of other colors are collected by people who like to carry this type of minerals and keep them. Many jewelry manufacturers use them to incorporate them into their products.

The use of talismans with engravings representing the signs of the zodiac became quite common for the Romans and became the part of everyday life. Each of them had the power to give it a meaning according to the beliefs of the moment, although the great majority who possessed a talisman in their hands owed protection and other magical powers.


The Onyx stone has as a general characteristic that is considered porous and absorbs the energies, they are trapped inside and don’t return to the outside until the stone dies and is broken disappearing both ways.

The magnetic attraction of the energies was one of the most striking faculty of the Onyx and the negative vibrations disappear over time; a person who is the bearer of this material may be the victim of an outburst of envy or evil eyes. However, he should not be afraid, since this mineral will provide him with a unique spiritual security, that not all minerals have the power to give.

A further detail that outstands the Onyx from the others is that the more it comes in contact with the person who owns the stone, the more the aura will be progressively purified and it will enter into a divided purification process of spiritual nature.


Everyone who believes in this type of power needs a purification of body, soul and spirit as well as a restoration of the aura and not only the person itself, it is also required that the places where they spend most of their time of the day should be purified and be places where peace and tranquility reign. The Onyx will purify the environment no matter where you are, whether it is your home or workplace.

To be the person designated to carry a mineral of this magnitude is a responsibility that is sought for the improvement of our living conditions, in other words, if the person wants to have the divine protection and decides to accept such a mineral, his or her job will be to take care of this valuable piece, so that it can fulfill all its benefits, and the people who own the Onyx, can be properly benefited in the tasks they do.

Therapies with this mineral restores the body and mind completely, which is why it is recommended to do them periodically, to maintain an emotional stability that is appropriate for your life.