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51 Fashionable Bracelet Designs and Original Healing Bracelets

51 Fashionable Bracelet Designs and Original Healing Bracelets


Creating your own wire jewelry gives you the opportunity to design a variety of bracelets, which in addition to being fashionable you can also add within your creations healing stones, thus obtaining pieces that in addition to looking very well will give you personal benefits.

In this article we will present 51 designs of bracelets in which you will find creations with healing stones and gems that make each design an incredible piece, we hope these designs will inspire you to create your bracelets, remember that you can visit our channel on YouTube to find tutorials of these pieces and other designs.

51 Designs of Fashion Bracelets and Original Healing Bracelets


  1. Glass and spring bracelet

This bracelet has been created with thick wire, the effect that has been given with the wire is of spring, it is only a matter of winding the wire to later add the decorative details and the beading, it is simple to create and the finish of the piece looks very elegant.

  1. Gem bracelet with double wire contour and pendant

This type of design allows you to inlay a greater amount of gems and crystals, so it is ideal to be worked with the healing stones of your choice, the bracelet will set the gems and the final result will be a very casual decoration effect.


Gem bracelet with double wire contour and pendant


  1. Inca bracelet with simple ring and pearls

This design is ideal for casual and formal looks, as the pearls together with the wire design allow for a very original finish that can be combined with different types of outfits. The pearls represent purification; they also give you vitality and energy.

  1. Wire rosette bracelet

This type of bracelet is ideal to be combined with casual outfits, it is also a very simple design and you can also experiment with different figures with the wire, in this case we show you a design in circles forming a spiral.

  1. Copper wire tubular bracelet with corals

This is one of the most exquisite designs, the Peruvian knitted tubular finish gives a very pleasant appearance to the pieces of jewelry and you can also combine this type of design with the gems of your choice, in this case we present a combination of coral stones with decorative crystals that look great with gold or copper wire.

  1. Bracelet with crystal heart and wire terminals

Wire jewelry also allows you to create decorative figures that can be used as pendants. To make these bracelets we create a heart with wire that is decorated with crystals, the pendant looks very good on leather or woven bracelets giving a casual look.

  1. Bracelet with interlaced rings and crystals

This is another of the casual designs that have a combination of wire rings and crystals that cover the piece around it, is a design that in addition to looking very original will allow you to combine different colors of crystals.

  1. Bracelet with double spiral

This is one of the pieces with a casual finish, the wire forms a spiral that surrounds the contour of the bracelet, the final result is very pleasant.

Healing Bracelets

The advantage of creating your own wire jewelry is that you can choose the decorative pieces that you will add to your design, here we show you a wide variety of bracelets with healing stones that look great with the work of wire jewelry, as you can see in the images you can combine them with crystals and other ornaments that will make your design a beautiful piece, but above all unique.

The quartz, crystals and pearls that are used in the designs already have a hole that will allow you to embed them in the wire to add them to your design, in some of the pieces have been added other types of ornaments to offer a different look, decide which type of piece is more attractive and which you think will look better with your favorite healing stones.

Among the designs we present you can see bracelets with crystals, stones and even pendants of crimped stones added to the design of the bracelet, this will allow you to add different types of healing stones to the same design, likewise you can see that there are simpler designs in which only combinations of different stones have been made with crystals.

Decoration for your jewellery

Decoration allows you to add new elements to the design, as you can see with the bracelets to which chains, decorative clasps, ornaments with beading and other elements created with different wires of different thicknesses have been added. The design will be something that allows you to combine the elements that you like most but can combine with the colors of your chosen healing stone to highlight it or to create a contrast that you like.

As you can see, the creation options with wire jewelry are very varied and you can create a variety of bracelets for your formal and informal attire, as well as original pieces that will make you look great and if you add the benefits of the healing stones then you will have a piece of jewelry that besides being created by yourself will give you good energy.

It is important that you first look for information about healing stones and that you choose the one that most attracts your attention, quartz has different properties, for example, white quartz balances your energies and gives you peace and quiet, pink quartz represents love and purifies you, so that each stone contains a meaning that can help you feel better and also to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Create your jewelry with the stones you are most interested in and attracted to, because that is what it is all about to obtain a jewel that you want to wear and that makes you feel good.

We recommend you to visit our tutorials on youtube to learn about the material that has been used in these creations and the steps to make them.

Below you will see healing bracelets that I have made:

  1. Bracelet with burgundy river pearls and cameo set in gold wire
  2. Bracelet with green agate, burgundy nugget-shaped pearls and yellow crystal woven with gold wire
  3. Bracelet with a small bracelet, pearls, green beads and rodocrosite stone woven with gold wire
  4. Brown agate bracelet, crystals and crystal pendant setting
  5. Bracelet of turquoise, quartz and pendant with crystal set in silver wire
  6. Bracelet with oval crystal pearls, black faceted crystals and silver wire woven cameo
  7. Bracelet with orange agate, white quartz, crystals, pearls and yellow crystal woven with gold wire
  8. Healing bracelet with flat oval beads of red coral, rock and glass crystals and red crystal woven with silver wire
  9. Bracelet made of crystals, transparent quartz and turquoise
  10. Curative bracelet made of oval jasper agate pearls, rock crystals and round white pearls with swarovski details in the center.
  11. Black, pink and rhodonite crystals bracelet
  12. River pearls, pearls and rhodonite bracelet
  13. Pearl, rhodonite and quartz bracelet
  14. Crystal rock bracelet, and black and transparent beads
  15. Bracelet of pearls of river, pink crystals and pearls of river color burgundy
  16. Bracelet with a small bracelet, Czech crystals, swarovski crystals and gold wire woven in Peruvian point
  17. Bracelet with orange quartz, river pearls and brown obsidian stones
  18. Bracelet made of rose crystals, quartz, river pearls and rhodochrosite pendant set with gold wire
  19. Red crystal and river pearls bracelet
  20. Bracelet of crystals of different sizes and pearls of river
  21. Bracelet made of crystals, rhodonites and quartz
  22. Red crystal and aventurine gems bracelet
  23. Tiger eye gemstone bracelet
  24. Turquoise gems bracelet
  25. Bracelet with pearls of river and ornaments of alpaca and crystals
  26. Bracelet with red crystals and river pearls
  27. Bracelet with black crystals and alpaca ornaments
  28. Bracelet with pink quartz spheres and crystals
  29. Bracelet with tourmaline quartz gems and black amber
  30. Rhodolite gem bracelet
  31. Bracelet with crystals, tiger eye gems, quartz and pendant set with silver wire
  32. Bracelet with red crystals, river pearls and crystal set with silver wire
  33. Bracelet with red crystals and river pearls with crystal set in silver wire
  34. Sodalite bracelet, crystals and pendant set with gold wire
  35. Bracelet with transparent and yellow crystals, sodalite and crystal set with gold wire
  36. Green and red crystal bracelet, small pendants and pendant with gem-set crystal
  37. Pink crystal, pink and brown quartz bracelet with gold wire-set charm
  38. Tiger eye gemstone bracelet and crystal pendant set with gold wire
  39. Black crystal bracelet
  40. Bracelet made of red crystals, river pearls and crystal set with silver wire
  41. Crystal bracelet, tiger eye, quartz and pendant with gem-set crystal
  42. Bracelet made of red crystals, aventurine and pendant with gem-set crystal
  43. Pink crystal bracelet, lapis lazuli and pendant with gem-set crystal