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Pearls and Celebrities: Who Sets Trends?

Pearls and Celebrities: Who Sets Trends?

Pearls and celebrities have a close relationship, there has always been a link between feminine beauty and pearls. Our grandmothers’ necklaces, and even the ones we found in our closets. Pearls are some of the classic garments, a symbol of beauty and elegance through the years and times.

These small gems are formed in an oyster, the result of a small particle that is slowly covered by the mother-of-pearl, this happens for years to create this precious gemstone. Pearls can have various shades and colors, this is a long process, but with a beautiful result.

The Pearls and the famous Monarchs

The European aristocracy of the past and present wear them, so pearls and the famous royal ladies have a particular relationship, have always been particularly fascinated with these spheres product of oysters, and has become a symbol of distinction and beauty. A clear example is the crown of Empress Eugenie of France, which was commissioned by her husband Napoleon III as a wedding gift in 1853, consists of over 200 natural pearls and approximately 2000 diamonds.

A real case of the relationship between pearls and famous pearls is that of a well-known monarch, a pearl fanatic, the famous Queen Elizabeth II, whose favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of large pearl earrings, a gift from her grandmother, the Queen Mary.

To the present day, there are still unique legendary jewels, one of them is the pearl called “The Pilgrim MTA”, this jewel is very unusual, it is a pearl of a perfect form, it has an incredible 400 years of history or more. It was found in Panama in 1515 and then moved to Spain, where King Philip II, his wife Maria Tudor would be delighted with this gift and a pleasant surprise.

This perfect example of the relationship between pearls and celebrities has become a famous jewel that would pass through the hands of Spanish queens, stolen as a spoils of war by the invading kings of the time, starring in endless royal portraits and even selling for exorbitant sums of money to reach the most glamorous place of the mid-twentieth century, the arrival in Hollywood.


Hollywood Stars

In the world of “Hollywood Glamour”, there will always be a glass of champagne, red lips and the relationship between the pearls and the famous stars of the entertainment world, because since 1969, Richard Burton bought the Pilgrim MTA for $37,000 as a gift for his beloved Elizabeth Taylor; she is an icon in fashion and is well known for being a lover of jewelry, she would assemble the historic piece in Cartier’s rubies and diamonds necklace that she wore in a movie.

Another famous pearl necklace that was the center of a brief love story was the one belonging to Marilyn Monroe, this necklace was a gift from baseball player Joe DiMaggio during the days of his Japan honeymoon in 1954. The jewel, about 16 inches and 44 Akoya pearls of the famous brand Mikimoto became one of the most sentimental jewelry of the famous star, so much significance has the jewel, which was used by her very often.

On the other hand, there are many more actresses among the legendary ones, who are a living example among the pearls and the famous ones, among them we can mention the beloved Audrey Hepburn, she was a woman lover of pearls, she preferred a pearl to a diamond.

In the Immortal Style

Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate,” this distinguished and iconic first lady wore a dress with her pearls as armor, combined with her pillbox hat, coat, and gloves of vibrant colors and patterns; a look that conveyed comfort, majesty, and determination.

That statement of style is still true today, any professional style can be accompanied by a beautiful pearl necklace to give a classic and feminine touch, without losing simplicity and naturalness, this not only happens between pearls and famous but in any lady, regardless of status.

Classic and Reinvented

Many are the personalities of today’s show business, who are living examples of the relationship between pearls and celebrities, among them the world-famous Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie, these are iconic celebrities who accompany her red lip look with stylized necklaces; even Rihanna and Katy Perry, with their risqué and modern looks, and who like to rock, show some pearl opera style necklaces.

There’s also Emma Watson, a girl who loves her white earrings, being responsible for the boom in double front-back pearl earrings, from the moment she appeared at the 71st Golden Globes with these “tribal” Dior earrings they were a trend, later worn by Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Kristina Bazan, to name a few famous actresses who vivify the fact that pearls and celebrities have a special relationship.

In addition, this beginning of 2017 also brings you the styles of red carpets like the Golden Globes, among them is the one of the designer and actress Sienna Miller, who balanced the beautiful white minimalist dress with bold cuts of Michael Kors with only a sophisticated set of necklace and pearl bracelets, getting a chic and contemporary look.

Another celebrity who opted to add these splendid gems was singer Janelle Monae, though not in the traditional way of necklaces and earrings, but in her elaborate hairstyle where they shone like stars and gave the final touch to her creative Armani look.

In short, we can conclude that if there is a relationship between pearls and famous ones, and that pearls deserve their nickname “queen of gems, a gem of queens”, their long journey through the history of fashion has marked them as a symbol of delicacy, elegance, femininity, sensuality, and romanticism. Just start experimenting with new shapes and combinations with your rows of pearls, incorporate these precious gems more and more into your jewelry box whether it’s opera style necklaces, necklaces, earrings or hairpins.

Nowadays pearls have not gone out of fashion since they disappeared, on the contrary they are more fashionable than diamonds and if you want to be fashionable a few pearls solve the problem, there are several models in which you can wear and look great, we can see them with a combination of other stones and metals which causes you to breathe new life into what fits the standard classic feeling.