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Pearls: The stone of



The pearls, also known as nacre spheres, are the only precious stones that are extracted from a living being and in fact to extract this precious jewel they must kill its creator, this gem is given by the mucous that covers some particles that enters the body of a mollusk and that is why each one is unique and unrepeatable, what defines them as a gem and a precious stone, is the symmetry they possess and their natural brightness, which can be highlighted with a simple polish, Most of the pearls of good quality are produced by a family of oysters, specifically Pteriidae.


These gems are of variable color and shape due to the mucous and the particles that are introduced into it, as already mentioned, its value is determined by three very special characteristics, as they are; its shape, usually looking for perfect spheres or in any case tears, the color it has, which covers the range of colors between white and black and of course its ease to be carved, even so this helps to determine its value the truth is that its price is also given according to whether or not they are fashionable at the moment.

It is not known exactly who started with using this gem as an ornament, but what is true is that it is already bright and shiny as soon as it leaves the mollusk and may have been used as an ornament since prehistory, although it can be said that this was a long time ago,there was something that was common for all these ancient people who started using them as an ornament and it is that they were reserved for their nobles, due to the great value of the gem.

Many believe that this tendency to decorate with Pearls comes from India and others think that it comes from Asia and although it may have been that way, they gained popularity with the people who loved to doll up, the Egyptians and then from there, this gem arrived to Europe where the great lords used them in every accessory that could be worn and as if it were not enough, they also used them to embroider some dresses or to adorn some complement of sorts like; bags, fans, shawls, gloves and even in some cases umbrellas, hats and headdresses.

Many years ago it was designated the use of this gem widows, the reason of this was the form of tears that possessed many of these gems, in fact this is considered the one gem that really does not need anything more than being on the skin, this was because it does not need great care when being cleaned, in fact it is said that the best way to clean it is simply to use it, and yes, perhaps it is a bit confusing, but the truth is that with the use of the garment and the natural oil produced by the body is enough to keep them clean, since after using them you can use a clean cloth to wipe it and that will remove any dirt they have.


          These gems also have their magical and healing properties and in fact this put them in categories according to many of their physical characteristics, white pearls are the most used to achieve the harmony of the spiritual body with the emotional one, if the pearls in some way acquire weight, according to experts, is a sign that the person will certainly suffer from an illness, another quality is that thanks to the large amount of calcium found in its composition is widely used to treat any bone problem and joints.


They are widely used to treat fears, anguishes and also in ancient times it was believed that they could treat any eye disease andapart from that, they could combat any kind of cramps, help strengthen the nails and hair and provide a great shine to the skin of its user.

Always considered as a symbol of peace, love and loyalty, it has the capacity to absorb all negative energy from the body of its wearer and provoke that sense of peace that it seeks and longs for. It is highly recommended to being used alone, the reason for this is that the pearl contains so many strong vibrations that it is very possible that it collides with those of other gems and it is better to use it alone or with other Pearls.

These gems are attributed to the goddesses of the moon because of their shape and color; and also because they are said to be gems that promote and maintain the energy of love;it is also said to be the goddesses of the moon who maintain and generate love among mortals, that is why they are used as jewelry and in some cases as talismans especially by pregnant women, because it keeps your whole body in balance.

It helps the development of the creativity of its carrier, the self-regulation of emotions, the inner balance and the management and disposal of negative energies, other physical illnesses that pearls help with and even help to cure them are; asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases, nephritis and in the case of women everything that has to do with the menstrual part, discomfort, colic and even cysts.

As we could see, this is for now the only precious stone considered really natural, although all the others can be produced in a laboratory too, it cannot be said that other gems can be extracted from an animal or a living being, although its production is not as high as before, nor is it so common its used as before, the truth is that it is such an overpowering gem that can even be seen in the large jewels of several royal houses, where there are whole dressings made with these gems and in some cases are combined with other gems, but they are the protagonists.