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Piaget Jewelry: Art In Jewelry And Watchmaking

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In the small village of the Cote-aux-Fees, located in the Jura region in Switzerland, was where Georges Edouard Piaget decided to lay the foundations of what would later become one of the largest companies in the luxury and leisure sector. world-class high-end watchmaking.

Georges Edouard decided to set up his first watchmaking workshop on his family’s farm and began to dedicate himself to manufacturing high precision watch movements, which he then passed on to prestigious brands that did not have the technical capacity to make their own movements.

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Find out more about Piaget

As it was creating the demand for its products they were increased considerably. And it begins to cross the borders of Switzerland to become one of the best brands of luxury watches and jewelry in the world.

After a while, Piaget developed calibers for the largest Swiss watchmaking houses of his time.

True to his principles and philosophy of life, and with the goal of “always doing better than necessary”, Piaget distinguished himself by caring for the details and striving to achieve the highest quality that existed for that time.

These principles and characteristics were inherited by Timotheé Piaget when he took over the workshop for 1911. But it is in the third generation of the Piaget family that the company is catapulting and taking a major leap to become one of the most popular in the world.

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New beginnings for Piaget

In 1943, Gerard and Valentin Piaget, grandsons of George, recorded the family name as a brand and their small manufacturing began producing watches signed with the brand.

No doubt it was the genius of these brothers that prompted Piaget to leave behind its old manufacture and build a new factory in 1945, which managed to adapt to the results obtained by the strategic expansion of the brand and its exploration in the world market scope.

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Piaget jewelry and its ultra-flat movements

Those years marked for Piaget a new and promising beginning. Its new factory, beyond increasing the production levels of the brand, promoted the introduction of new and modern watchmaking techniques.

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This is how in 1950, the watchmakers who worked for Piaget become specialists par excellence, of the manufacture of ultra-flat movements, and achieving the incredible task of reducing the size of the watchmaking mechanisms until that moment.

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Revolution in the heart of watches

Although it does not seem important, this small revolution in the heart of the watches, in which Piaget was a driver, reflected the exterior of the same. From there the Luxury House began to manufacture watches with the category of the jewel; transporting in a light and thin box, all the sophistication, quality and precision of its calibers and movements.

The coin clock, the ring clock, the brooch clock, and the wristwatch appeared; in 1957 Piaget launched the male model called Emperor, the first iconographic clock in the house. All these specimens were made with noble materials such as platinum, 18-carat gold, among others.

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The watches made jewelry

Already about to end the decade of the ’50s Piaget had already managed to position itself, as an iconographic mark of world watchmaking and jewelry, for its luxury, sophistication, quality, and precision.

In the ’60s, the brand surprises the world by launching a collection of watches with colored spheres and incrustations of semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, tiger’s eye, and turquoise. In addition, he began to manufacture and specialize in the setting of precious stones and diamonds.

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The quartz revolution

The quartz revolution forever changed the brand that was born in a small town in the Swiss Jura and made it the leader in world watchmaking; since the opportunity to have smaller boxes with flatter calibers, exponentially increased the possibility of design.

Its combination of a high range of watchmaking and jewelry made it a fundamental brand in this field.

His daring designs, avant-garde, and innovation keep alive the spirit that Georges Edouard had put in the heart of his small workshop in the agricultural Swiss village of Cote-aux-Fees. The living principle of Piaget jewelry is a legacy that has not been lost “doing it better than necessary”.

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The time is gold

Since its inception Piaget is dedicated to manufacturing ultra-flat movements, which have become the signature of the Maison and have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of high-end watchmaking.

For 1957, the watchmaker’s company presents the 9P ultra-thin hand-wound gauge with a 2mm thickness in the market and in 1960, Piaget launches the 12P caliber, the lightest and flattest automatic movement in the world, with just 2.3 mm thick.

La Maison is recognized as the king of the infinitely small world of time. And at each step demonstrates its innovation and exceptional technical expertise.

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Piaget: Real works of art

It is thanks to the small, the delicate and reduced volume, that these two calibers and all that has happened to him, offer endless possibilities for Piaget’s designers, allowing them to design and create true works of art such as ultra-flat profiles, time spheres, coin type watches, shape boxes, among many other unpublished possibilities.

Undoubtedly, Piaget jewelry artisans and designers have known how to take full advantage of all the opportunities that the advances in their mechanical movements have brought to light, to create works of art that have left an imprint in the history of watchmaking of all time.

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The Piaget jewelry

From each carved flower, a unique story is born, lightness and beauty in the form of gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Ingenio raised to the maximum power of luxury, these are my favorite pieces of the collection inspired by cocktails, for their shapes, dimensions, and colors.

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