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Plant Jewelry: Stunning Jewels Made With Plants

Plant jewelry is made with natural jewels. They are different. Extracted directly from nature, is a new trend, original, innovative for women who like to see themselves with unique jewels and creative ideas, highlighting the unique, conventional, a new style, which is changing the concept of the market, making it more innovative.



Plant jewelry

The manufacture of plant jewelry is realized by the artisan. It is a matter of plating or coating with metal, through the electrolysis, it is a process in where electrochemical are invested, also they are metalized, the seed, bark and other products of the nature, being able to be bathed in gold, silver, each piece is unique, exclusive, using the aloe vera from the plant.

Some plant jewelry has had the following names: green necklace, wild gold bracelet, spring ring, in short, they are exclusive with names that remind us of plants decorating any space, wearing earrings, necklaces that come from nature.

It is the best way to show the love we have for the planet, the process is not so difficult, it is cleaned with chemical products, wrapped in a special plastic, any plant can be turned into a jewel using this new technique.



Impact of plant jewelry on the consumer

It is surprising that the sale of jewelry made from plants is taking place today. jewelry shops not only rely on materials such as gold and silver but can also choose to use nature to make jewelry, it is facing change in a society that is constantly demanding.

Women today have felt confident with plant jewelry, they are impressive, with a lot of green colors, they attract every woman’s attention, they offer something new, with natural materials.

It is a mixture of natural innovation, the plants come attached to the rings, earrings in a very creative way.

The plant jewelry was born in 2011, from the infusion between the study of jewelry, botany and various techniques of metalworking, seed collection, plants are the final design.


The plant jewelry industry

The botanical definition is a science that is responsible for getting a great inspiration in the world of jewelry.

The leaves for its green color are reminiscent of hope, that’s why they have made designs of clover in jewelry, give that concept, people feel like having this kind of piece that produces this kind of feeling, purity, life.

The jewelry of plants is something different, it causes many opinions, most have accepted it as a new and different proposal in the world of jewelry.

It is an excellent combination, highlighting the natural with the material. Thanks to the contribution of technology, this new idea of plant jewelry has resulted in the conventional, women want something that distinguishes them from the rest, resulting in something that brings good benefits, carrying something natural as an exclusive and authentic piece is priceless.

The jewelry of plants, used by famous models, known people, are exclusive designs that are sold everywhere.

They have come to women as a new concept of having nature and a piece in the same accessory, highlighting the benefits of plants.

It is important for many women to carry nature in a jewel since plants are life, from where all human beings come.

It is a creative idea, very innovative, striking, attracting the attention of the consumer, it is an original gift that can be given to the beloved person.


Plant jewelry: You have to take care of them

It is important to know that plants are one of the main assets. They must be cared for, not damaged. Many people see badly the fact of carrying a seed, a plant in a piece of jewelry is harmful to nature. Each person has different concepts and opinions on this proposal.

Depending on the needs and what the consumer is looking for in a piece of jewelry, some men saw it as an excellent gift option for their girlfriend, a wedding ring combined with diamonds and natural plants is something different that breaks the pattern.

The idea is that it is a new, natural, fresh, innovative proposal, providing the new with the natural.

It is a good idea, with a great impact by the consumer in general, not everyone knows this new trend, is something that is beginning to take more and more.

Currently, the designers are wearing plant jewelry. They are making excellent pieces of gold, rubies, in short combining with plants.

The designs are beautiful, the green color of the plant stands out, attracting the eyes of the consumer.

It has a special attraction, producing a unique impact, for someone special, expected something totally different, moving to their tastes, causing positive responses and great acceptance in general.


This type of jewelry is a positive choice of things

The plant jewelry is a new option of positive things, see women with rings from a flower, with the mixture of nature and with pieces and materials, in gold, silver, makes the sensations and emotions become real. It is a new idea, fresh highlighting new trends in a market that is versatile.

The woman of today is enterprising, adapts to any style, is innovative, likes new things, is the protagonist of many activities, is a mother, wife, professional and takes on different roles.

For this reason, jewelry adapts to all tastes, ways of thinking and image is easily molded.

Jewelry plants are breaking the schemes of the market, competition, positioning itself positively, capturing all tastes.

It is important to change your mind and open yourself to new proposals. The challenges are the way of the new, you have to try, change the style, the way of dressing, be risky and daring.

Jewelry plant is the way in which many women will have a transformation of how they see the jewelry market producing new positive effects.