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Rhodochrosite: The stone of




Rhodochrosite is a mineral that does not abound very much, and that is within the group of carbonates because of the large amount of manganese it has. It can be obtained and extracted in some places in Germany, Canada, England, Romania, Peru, Mexico, and in Argentina.

The name Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek Rhodochros (Pink Color), and originates due to the characterizing color that this stone possesses, since it is a reddish pink or flesh pink with white streaks inside it.


It is a stone native to Catamarca (Argentina), and a legend told among the people of Argentina makes it also known as “La Rosa del Inca” or Stone of Love. This legend tells the story of love between a curious warrior and a Virgin Priestess of the Inti.

The story tells, that the Warrior dared to enter the “Quechua del Sol” Temple (Temple of the virginspriestess of the Inti), defying in a great way the Inca traditions, where the people of the town are not allowed to step on that land, and those who form part of the temple cannot have contact with people outside it.

When entering by ignoring the rules imposed by the head of the temple, the Warrior discovers almost immediately the Priestess, and in that moment in which they met, a love between them was born, a sudden and pure love.

The priestess corresponds to his love despite the restrictions of the temple, to the point of escaping with him to the South of Argentina, and settle in Catamarca, thus giving birth to a large number of children product of that love.

It is said that these were the first settlers of the region before the conquest. As the years went by, the priestess died, and her body is buried in thesummit of a high mountain; the warrior absorbed and flooded by the sadness of not having his beloved, dies some time later, being buried next to his love.

As the months went by, an emissary of the temple, sent to investigate the stories of the temple, discovers the tomb of the Furtive Lovers, and sees with astonishment how among the immense rocks that covered the bodies there were in the stones petals of blood, which stacked with each other looked like a group of roses and flowers of a reddish pink color, giving color to the surface of the tombs.

The messenger seeing this is moved and takes one of the stones and takes it to the head of the Temple. It is said that the boss having the stone in his hands was filled with emotion by feeling the return of that loved one who one day left, all through that reddish stone he had, forgot all the pain of the past and forgave them both; from that moment on the stone was baptized as La Rosa Del Inca, thus becoming a stone that symbolizes peace, forgiveness and an eternal love.


  • Rhodochrosite often awakens feelings of love and compassion for our fellow human beings, brings us serenity and harmony, improving the relationship with our loved ones.
  • The energy of the Rhodochrosite allows the user to balance their emotions, thus enabling the person to love themselves and others in a balanced way.
  • It helps to release bad memories and serious wounds of the past, protecting in such a way to whoever takes it before any negative energy and fears of the holder.
  • During meditation, using Rhodochrosite, can give a feeling of delirium in the golden consciousness spheres, just as if you were with the love of your life.
  • Psychologically it helps to maintain a good attitude towards life, to be dynamic and positive


It is said that this stone can be perfectly used to deal with anxieties, asthma, visual problems and blood detoxification, since, according to some experts, this mineral has many healing properties. Rhodochrosite helps prevent insomnia, migraines, respiratory and speech problems in the same way.


It is very useful after a heavy day, one of those days where you feel more tired than usual, loaded with bad energies and tensions, immerse yourself in a bathtub of warm water and a Rhodochrosite stone inside it, helping to remove thatstress and tension, getting rid of all the bad things of the day and being able to have a quiet and light night’s sleep.

For those people whose energy is very strong, it is important to obtain a Rhodochrosite stone in order to balance its energy, thus allowing it to disconnect and rest.


Rhodochrosite cannot be cleaned with salt water, since salt is a very strong and corrosive component, and it is very likely that the energy components and the surface of the stone will be damaged and become opaque.

The best way to clean Rhodochrosite is with one of the following forms:

  • Through the smoke of incense like myrrh, amber, among others.
  • Leave the Rhodochrosite on the ground or near plants for several days.
  • Through sacred feathers.
  • Let them rest in abundant amount of transparent quartz or amethyst, or in such case to obtain a druse of quartz or amethyst, let it rest on its surface.


For those coquettish who want to combine your Rhodochrosite stone with your accessories, I have some good tips:

  • If you are a woman, you can combine it with silver tones, a good example would be to have a charm on a silver chain or a silver ring with Rhodochrosite inlays.
  • In case you are a man and want to have some accessory with this stone, and you do not know how, do not limit yourself and do not say no, you can easily have a leather bracelet with a Rhodochrosite basin in the middle
  • In case you want a necklace, you can have a chain of balls with a charm in the middle.

Rhodochrosite became famous when it began to be used in jewelry such as rings and necklaces, as well as in some products.