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How To Check Your Ring Size

How To Check Your Ring Size


How can we know the size of your ring to be able to buy on the Internet? We don’t ask this question at some point in our lives when we need to buy a ring in an online store. And the answer is simple. You may know your ring size, but do you really know it? What’s your ring size? If you don’t know it, how can you calculate it?  Let’s see how to do it.

Factors to consider when taking the measurement of your ring

  • We must consider that the size of the fingers varies according to the time of day and the weather. These expand with heat and contract with cold so it is advisable to measure the fingers when they are hot and also at the end of the day, as it is considered that they should be more swollen and large at that time.
  • The finger or fingers should be measured three or four times a day to avoid errors.
  • You should also keep in mind that the ring is properly adjusted to prevent it from falling out but also properly loosened to slide over the knuckles.
  • If you are pregnant your fingers may also swell, or if you take certain medications. Take this into consideration when you measure your fingers.
  • If you need the size of your ring to buy a wedding ring, find out if the model of ring you want to buy is anatomical. Although this model is much more comfortable, sometimes it can affect the size of your ring so in this case it is advisable to make the measurement of your ring in a jewelry store and with professionals, with the necessary instruments for this purpose.

One way to know the size of your ring is to measure the circumference of your finger with a sewing tape measure. If you don’t have a tape measure, take a 2 cm wide strip of paper and place it around your finger and mark it. Then, with a ruler you can measure the length to know the circumference of your finger in centimeters, and once you know this measurement, you look for the table of equivalences to know the size of your ring.

Another way to find out your ring size is to measure the inner circumference of a ring you own that fits well. Let’s see how to achieve it: you put the ring on a ruler or measuring with a meter and you will get the measurement of the diameter of the ring in millimeter.

Go to a trusted jewelry store

Another option that really is the safest and most reliable way to get your ring size right, is to go to your local jewelry store to have your ring measured more accurately, with some of the tools such as the Tatum measuring stick, or the ring binder and the king’s foot you will see below:

With the Caliber or King’s Foot, they will be able to measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you well and that they will take as a reference. In the universal ring binder, with which they will measure your finger, each of the rings has a series of references with the number, diameter and length, as in the table of equivalences that you have in the image below.

In addition to the methods explained above, there are ring size templates that also make it easier to measure ring size. The template is a thin sheet of plastic, cardboard or paper with holes of different sizes. Each one is marked with the corresponding ring size. To determine the correct size, simply test the template with your finger.

The most common sizes of rings for women are 3 to 9. The world’s most popular women’s ring sizes are 5-7. The 6 is the most popular size.

The most common male ring sizes are 8 to 14. The most commonly purchased male ring sizes worldwide are 8 to 10-½. The 9 is the most popular size.

Why is it important that the size of your ring is correct?

Enlarging or reducing a ring always carries some risks. Even the most experienced goldsmith can have an accident at the time of the procedure. Therefore, if you want to buy a ring, you should take the time to measure carefully. Not many tools are required: with the instructions below, a cord and ruler are sufficient.

Despite careful measurement, the ring may be too large or too small at the end. Either way, it’s still possible to adjust it. To increase the size of a ring, jewelers use two methods: if the ring is only a little small, it dilates. If the difference is large, the ring opens and additional material is added. To reduce a ring, it is compressed mechanically or a small piece of material is removed.

The procedure to apply to your ring will depend on whether the ring is decorated with stones (and how much it is) and the material from which it is made. Gold and platinum rings are usually easy to fix, while stainless steel rings are more complicated to repair. The gemstones may fall out during any alterations, so they may need to be set again. The ring may also need to be re-engraved, in some cases completely.

And finally, let’s look at the existing sizing systems for measuring rings: there are four:

  • The unified Viennese measure used in Germany. The size depends on the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters.
  • The most commonly used system in Spain is the French scale, and is obtained by subtracting 40 mm from the inner circumference of the ring.
  • In the English system, each size of the inner circumference of the ring corresponds to a letter. The correct size can be determined using a table.
  • The American system is very similar to the English system but in this case the correspondence is not with letters, but with numbers.