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Rhodonite: The stone of




Rhodonite is a mineral that has a great abundance in the world, belongs to the group of silicates; this stone despite being abundant, is extracted mostly in countries such as: Russia, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, the United States, and in several locations in Badajoz.


In ancient cultures it was believed that Rhodonite was an extremely dangerous stone, since they considered that it burned everything in its path due to the reddish color it possesses; the other belief was that that color was due to the envy that each one of their enemies had.

Over time that belief was eradicated and it was discovered that the properties of Rhodonite were positive, over the years it has been used to be exchanged as objects in symbols of goodwill, a symbol of peace or as a symbol of reconciliation.

The Romans, Greeks and Celts used this mineral as an amulet and as a symbol of strength, it is remarkable that its meaning and use has evolved over time.

In some towns of America, a small amulet of Rhodonite was given as a symbol of friendship, therefore, that stone was called the Stone of Friendship.

The characteristic color of the Rhodonite is reddish pink to red with touches of black, such as sparks, lines or veins, this stonehas a variety that is very rare which can become translucent. Its name comes from the Greek Rhodon (pink-reddish), nowadays in Spanish this stone has some synonyms that aren’t used very much which are: Hermannite and Hydropita.


  • It is known that at the psychic level, Rhodonite can help the relationship between people who usually hurt themselves (be it in a love relationship or family problems).
  • Release those pains that we have stored in the soul as hatred or resentment
  • Helps to maintain states of calm in situations of danger or in provocations and insults, removes the mental denial that we can sometimes have.
  • It brings coherence to our lives when we cannot fix it or we have it very messy with meaningless things.
  • The Rhodonite helps us to realize the details that we often pass off like those smiles of our closest relatives or simple details of our partners such as a breakfast or a kiss of good morning,
  • It helps us in the confusions we can get at some point in our life,
  • It helps to have that love for oneself to improve our self-esteem,
  • It serves to overcome those emotional traumas or panic attacks helping to improve and encourage forgiveness to oneself or others, removing in this way, and in the same way, preventing that feeling of revenge.


  • Physically, this mineral also helps relieve or cure central nervous system problems.
  • Improves fertility and regulates menstrual disorders.
  • Rhodonite can reduce scars, prevent swelling of joints and arthritis, stomach ulcers and pulmonary emphysema.


  • From the color obtained by the Rhodonite, it is connected to the root chakra (or base) and the chakra of the spleen, it also works for the chakra of the heart.
  • In the root chakra, by placing this stone it begins to arrange the balance within itself, from there it is removing the doubts and those problems that can make your life unstable.
  • In the spleen farm, you can remove those blockages that we sometimes have with respect to creativity, and thus help us to do those things that we had no idea how to continue or how to finish.
  • For the chakra of the heart, Rhodonite is also good, since it works in conjunction with azurite, malachite and chrysoprase.


In the face of problems, illnesses or low moods, it is recommended to have a Rhodonite near the bed since at night it is when the stone releases more energy, in the same way, it helps to perform the meditation at night since it releases more energy in these hours.

For better tranquility and relaxation lie down with your legs stretched and separated, with your arms in the same way, performing a slow and deep breathing, looking to relax every part of your body and mind until you feel it that way.

Being at that point, you can place the Rhodonite in the heart chakra by closing your eyes and visualizing a light that crosses the stone and passes through your body, continue with the breath and let the light flow and everything will flow.Do the meditation as long as you want and when you finish, place the Rhodonite on the bedside table and if you want you can go to rest.


  • When you want to use it, the easiest way can be to put it a set amount of time near the heart regardless of the amount of time. When removed from its initial position it must be washed with cold water and it must be dried with a cloth.
  • If you want to wear it as an accessory, it can be worn in the shape of a charm, always trying to make the Rhodonite level with the heart.
  • If you are a man and you wear a shirt, it can be carried in your pocket without much trouble
  • It can be used as a ring or bracelet, but the use of its properties would not be the same.


Something curious about Rhodonite is the fact that it can be cleaned in any way, thanks to its composition you can clean it with water or incense, everything depends on the tastes and facilities that you may have.

It is important to remember that if you do not clean it daily for lack of time or simply because you do not want to, you should do it at least once a month; but consider that the longer you have not cleaned it its properties will not be the same.You can recharge it by means of the sun or place it next to a more or less large group of amethysts during a whole night.