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Rose Gold Jewelry Styles and Trends

Rose Gold Jewelry Styles and Trends

Rose Gold: Jewelry Trends in 2017

In this article, we will see pink gold trends for 2017. Fashion is synonymous of changes and innovation, for lovers of accessories it is important to keep up and know the trends of what is coming in the near future. For some people, the jewelry used is precious metals, gold, silver and bronze; however, what is currently in the foreground is the rose gold.

This rose gold style start as a different proposal to the yellow gold and silver, manifesting with jewelry and watches, then it was developed in all categories, from costumes, makeup, hairstyles, to articles dedicated to the home.

This new tonality is impacting the world of fashion and all sorts of clothes are made, beautiful and striking, hand-made and with simply and magnificent designs, which attract the public. The most renowned design houses worldwide are dedicated to creating wonderful pieces that attract even the most indifferent.

Gold Rose Styles

For designers, the creation of a jewel, is to see their dream achieved, so they seek to innovate and refine any piece, transforming it into a modern clothe that embellishes women. That is why they try with materials and their textures to attract the admirer, especially the pink gold that is highly valued lately.

So, it is available to fashion users, jewelry items with large materials that will imprisoned, gold bracelets of different colors, fancy materials, Swarovski crystals that give that special shine to any element, dress clothes in soft wool for the cold and threads of intense colors, ranging from the simplest to the most ostentatious models.m

The unimaginable list of jewels and items in which rose gold is the protagonist, has made that today is very sought after and quoted, because its versatility allows decorating and embellishing each piece on which it rests.

Trends for 2017

For the 2017, the most interesting preferences are related to designs in all materials, colors, textures, jewelry, precious stones, among others, where designers with their creativity will capture their style to impact and attract fashion lovers. The most interesting thing is that you must wear clothes, because if you do not, you are out of your social environment.

Many of the jewels that will be available for this season are those that have floral motifs, as well as animal themes. In this regard, the designer Bvlgari, makes pieces with diamonds of various proportions to simulate movement in the piece created, where the snake coated in white gold and diamonds has been transformed into a more elegant clothes.

Another garments that will be trend for the 2017, are the fine bracelets of silver and leather, as well as others of ancient design with stones and silver framework. Likewise, they will be in preference necklaces, earnings, chains of threads or pendants, like rings with o a wide range of styles with gold, metals, stones and crystals, which allow you to create pieces for all tastes.


The Pearls

It will also be highlighted in 2017, the pearl, which as always will have a very special place, since it is a piece that can’t miss in the chest of your jewelry and also everything that has to do with watchmaking, chains dipped in rose gold, as well as its different applications.

Also, you will see the rings that will be tiny so that they can harmonize with many colors and materials by showing them on your fingers and the plastic bracelets will be disappear, and their place will be bracelets of bun, striking and extravagant, with many stones and carved gold.

Vintage Style is increased for 2017

Many of the accessories, such as bracelets, chains, rings, embroidery chokers, gold chains with pearls and stones, leather fabrics, with colored threads, engraved necklaces made of metal, wood and other materials. All these items will look retro style, allowing the public to enjoy the fashion that comes back.

It is impressive to bring from that time all the colors and designs that marked that generation and that can now be used with modern attire, giving that special touch to your wardrobe. Likewise, the pendants of the famous horseshoe will be a trend for 2017, as well as the geometric figures, painted with fabrics. The use of fantasy will be highlighted, large metal earrings of which only one will be used and with different materials such as polymers, gems, lace, feathers, stones, metals, exalting the handmade ones.

This combination of jewelry from previous decades and modern jewellery allows for a combination of impressive materials and textures. Users can wear these garments on a daily basis, while still taking advantage of any moment to use them, as it adorns and embellishes any wardrobe.

List of the biggest trends of 2017

Here you will have the biggest trends you’ll enjoy in 2017, so you look spectacular, whether it’s adorning your outfit with rose gold, like wearing a long one-sided slope, but you’ll have the opportunity to know where fashion is going for this season.

We start with very fine combinable rings, the blue pencil stone, the geometric figures in rings and necklaces, Greek style garments, retro jewelry, garments to decorate the hair, bracelets with striking floral ornaments, the classic Boho style, long and showy chains, necklaces and bracelets of African cultures, necklaces with figures of snakes or any other animal, jewels to the Greco style, short necklaces or chokers, big and extravagant rings, the beautiful and always modern pearls and especially the rose gold.

All these fashions have passed through time and have returned, but others are innovating, making accessories grow every season, in order to highlight and complement the beauty of women. It is impressive how the combination of materials, elements and stones, can look so beautiful in the attire of a woman, who will always have an important place in your wardrobe for these incredible accessories that being simple or extravagant, have become essential.