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Ruby: The stone of




The ruby is a mineral of the oxidant class, due to its hardness is considered a corundum, which is the second hardest substance within the Mohs scale, being this type of gem in specific used especially for diamond cutting.

Its name comes from the Latin Ruber (Red), which in sanskrit has the name of ratna-yaka which means The Drop of Blood from the Heart of Mother Earth. This gem is characterized by its intense red color, although the sapphire is physically similar, they differ by color. This basic difference makes it very easy to differentiate, if it is red it is a ruby, but if it is of any other color it is a sapphire.


The Ruby can be easily extracted in Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Thailand, China and Russia; despite the fact that they are obtained and extracted in these countries; small quantities have been found in specific sites in South Africa, Australia, Greenland and the United States.

Although in the mentioned countries this mineral can be extracted in greater or lesser amounts, it is necessary to know that in the peninsula of Malacca and Tanzania they are more valuable, getting to obtain the same value as the diamonds of equal size.


By means of science and experiments carried out in 1923, a type of synthetic ruby ​​was achieved for the first time through the mixture of alum and chromium pigments, thus creating stones that are the same chemically and physically to the natural ruby. This type of stone is used mostly in watchmaking.


The first indications of the use of this mineral appear in the writings of India, in the year 2,300 BC. At that time, the ancient Hindus, enchanted by their color, named it and considered it The Ratnaraj, which has as its meaning The King of Precious Stones.

This gem has been a great target for legends. The Hindus were certain that the ruby ​​possessed fire within them and whoever obtained it could be able to have a long life. In the middle age it was believed that this stone had the capacity of the power of divination, and that when the gem was darkened, it was the moment when great horrors approached.


The people of Burma used the ruby ​​as a talisman against bad luck and diseases. It is known that for the nineteenth century Ralph Waldo Emerson created a beautiful poetry called “Rubies” describing the Ruby as drops of frozen wine from the Garden of Eden. Like him, there were several writers dedicating, through verses and prose, great admiration to this gem.

Formerly in the Middle Age it was believed that the cosmos was reflected in the precious stones, assigning to each stone a planet or constellation, for the ruby ​​is assigned the planets Mars and Pluto. Over the years, the esoteric movement revives this belief, and the jewelry industry uses this mineral as a sales tool.


Some curious facts of this gem are the following:

  • The great known glove of Michael Jackson was composed of rubies; said glove was placed for auction for charities.
  • The largest ruby ​​known today has a weight of 8.184 grams and is owned by a Chinese jewelry firm.
  • The famous Red Emperor necklace was auctioned in April 2014 in Hong Kong for the large sum of 9,923,077 $.


The beautiful red color that the ruby ​​has is directly related to power, domination, passion, fire, happiness and good luck, but also everything that is forbidden and dangerous. Also symbolizing seduction, strength, eroticism and dynamism. Being thus a very useful stone to promote and harmonize the physical and spiritual love, to give strength to our energy, to keep us positive, to give us power and courage.

The simple fact that having a piece of ruby, helps positively give you security in your life, in your emotions, removing and taking away those sad, lustful and greedy thoughts, this last is one of the reasons why it is one of the stones most used by cardinals and popes both in antiquity and today.


This gem brings wealth to those who own it, since its energy favors those projects that you have to carry out are actually made and flow with ease, reaching a good economic and professional stability.

It helps keep your mind clear and focused on studies and work, helping you to reach further in your professional goals, whatever your professional dream is.We must always be clear, that this gem does not perform miracles, it only helpsand if you want to achieve your goals and that each effort gives fruits, together with this stone, you must fight and have the will to achieve it.

It helps as a protection to everything that wants to hurt you.

This stone gives good luck in love, in this way, it is used to make those feelings and passions flourish again before those couples who allow themselves to be led by the routines and allow the love that originally linked them to decay.


This gem can help others to activate any chakra, but by itself, can activate the heart chakra without much trouble, encouraging the person to fulfill dreams, to make them happier in their day to day.

Psychologically it can give us enthusiasm, that energy that sometimes we need to have to achieve our personal projects.

There is a curious combination of the ruby ​​with the zoisite, since by putting them together they can help us activate the coronary chakra, and in the same way that we activate that chakra, we help to heal the wounds of the soul.

This gem can have a lot of shapes and sizes, giving the great lovers of precious stones an immense variety of panoramas to choose and collect, all depending on what they want to get from this beautiful stone.