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Sapphire: The stone of loyalty that attracts fame and fortune



Like most gemstones, Sapphire is a mineral and although the most popular are blue, they come in a wide range of colors, including transparent, yellow, pink, orange and green. These variations occur due to the impurities and the different oxides that affect them and it is known as one of the four most valuable gems, important and beautiful in the world along with Diamonds, Ruby and Emerald. It is very common that this gem is found near deposits that have a high concentration of rutile, bauxite and the most important hematite, they must be present all three because otherwise it is impossible to find a Sapphire nearby.


Sapphire and Ruby come from the same family of minerals as corundum, the only thing is that because they are of opposite shades they’re called differently, what is meant by this is that Ruby is of the kind of warm corundum, while Sapphire is of the cold kind. However, the yellow variety is more considered a sapphire rather than a ruby because of its composition, also the distinction is made between the grey and white varieties that despite being cold colors are considered Rubies.


The largest Sapphire in the world are in Africa and a few years ago a new deposit was found in South America, many have been found in Siam and of course you can’t miss the name of Sri Lanka where is one of the most expensive varieties of Kashmir, also in a part of Australia is also found this mineral, but you must have something very present, this mineral or rather this gem is found at a great depth because it is only found inside magmatic rocks


There have also been very rare cases where the deposit arises naturally due to different natural agents that affect the rocks and make it chemically stable. The main producers of this gem of the highest quality and purity are mainly from Burma, Sri Lanka and India. In Thailand, Australia and Nigeria, the darkest variety of this gem is produced, being of such an intense and deep blue and black color itcan be confused, in the American deposit the blue tends to be much more metallic, not as bright or intense as the other varieties, this being more of an opaque tone in comparison with the others.


There are different varieties of this gem that throughout history have been discovered some shocking others not so much, but the best known are:

Water sapphire: it is known this way because of its blue coloration so similar to sea water, but is not considered as much a Sapphire but rather a Cordierite.

The white sapphire: this is one of the varieties of this gem more produced and more found, is the colorless, transparent and bright version.

The fake sapphire: this is actually a variety of quartz that at the time of crystallization had an invasion of crocidolite, which is the reason for its blue coloration similar to that of the sapphire.

A very common use these days is the creation of sapphire crystal, this is a material contrary to what is believed to be transparent and excessively resistant to any kind of scratches and is used mainly in the making of micas for wristwatches.


It is said that this gem has a great relationship with purity and this is why they call it the stone of sincerity, it also symbolizes the faithfulness between the couple and truth of all things more specifically in relationships with other. Was believed to be closely related to both earthly and spiritual protection, it was also used as a talisman by travelers and treasure hunters, and by merchants traveling from village to village.

A legend says that in the time of Moses it was said that in the depths there was a great stone of the color of the sky that was a faithful copy of it and that is why the tables where the commandments were written were completely made of Sapphires and because of that, it became a very coveted stone in all the monarchies of the ancient world and the modern world, since it was the representation of the divine on earth, it was like saying that God had granted them the honor of being able to reign over men with truth and justice and according to his commandments.


According to their colors it is said that each one of them has a specific function, the normal blue is called the stone of wisdom, although the general concept of the stone is the darkest variety or known as Indigo Sapphire, helps to develop the will of each individual and helps to grow his owner metal and spiritually, also helps against all the unnecessary confusions and illusions of life by bringing the soul to light, thus obtaining intuition and knowledge in its purest state.

This version is known as the Sapphire of the indigo ray and is very much associated with the gods, as it is they who must give man the clarity to free himself from everything that overwhelms and confuses him, giving him a creative mind and moving from negative to positive thoughts, because the stone also acts as a transmitter of the thought of its bearer, by its ability to transmit light is widely used at the time of meditation, to control the “I” and release negative burdens and feelings and attract the happiness and peace to the life of whoever possesses this beautiful gem.

As you can see this jewel goes far beyond being an accessory, to being a gem that does not open the way to the spiritual and wisdom that helps us to develop as individuals and get rid of all that does not favor us, however, will always be a gem worth admiring either for its great beauty or the properties it has.