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Selenite: The Stone of



Selenite is a mineral of the gypsum variety, which is in the form of transparent glass. Its name does not come from selenium, but because it looks a lot like the reflection that gives the moon to the sun light.

It also derives from the name of the Greek goddess, Selene, thus giving a popular belief that this mineral was originally from the moon, becoming a very feminine stone. The previous statement has much sense, since etymologically it comes from the Greek Selene which means Belonging to the Moon.


  • Selenite shows a transparency and delicacy so characteristic that it can be differentiated from other minerals by the softness it has.
  • Sometimes it can have a pearlescent or satin sheen.
  • Due to some components present in its mineral structure, selenites can be orange, green or blue.


Selenite can be found around the world, but one of the largest selenites that have been achieved today is in the mines of southern Mexico, having a length of more than 11 meters. Many scientists have investigated its precedence, concluding that to achieve the magnitude it has been able to obtain, thousands of years have passed.

This mineral can be formed within a pattern of curves giving the illusion of rose petals, by growing this way it is often called the Rose of the Desert, being one of the most beautiful forms of the selenite.


Historically, the Roman society was one of the first civilizations that really gave importance to this stone, calling it at that time as Lapis Specularis, they noticed that for its transparency and durability it could be used to make windows and thus replace little by little the glass, imposing itself before it.

With the passing of the years a legend was formed, which said that these crystals formed only in the crescent moon and depending on the month that this formation occurred, the crystals came to have different shapes and varieties.


The selenite has huge attributes, emotionally, spiritually and physically, it can give us mental clarity, thanks to that, it gives us a very good inner peace for meditation and to achieve the necessary calm for our body and mind.

This stone protects the home and everyone who lives in it, forming a protective bubble around the house, providing a safe and quiet environment, protecting us to avoid losing control of our lives, developing good judgment and understanding.


It is important to know that the selenite is known as The Rose of the Desert, because of its physical form, it helps to dissolve those wounds and thoughts that we get to do to ourselves, and that remain in our subconscious, giving us the opportunity to find solutions and avoid hurting us again.


  • It is said that Selenite can be used to achieve alignment of the spine, helping our atrophied and tense muscles become more flexible and relaxed.
  • It helps as a cell regenerator, eliminating all those cells that cause diseases such as cancer or those small tumors that can be growing in our body.
  • Selenite allows you to become able to block and eliminate mercury poisoning.


  • And the best healing of this stone is at an energetic level, like those that heal cracks in the aura or the soul.
  • This stone has the ability to delicately open the chakras, being considered a key to the soul, thus being able to relax the body to perform energetic cleanings or meditations.
  • It helps to locate body discomforts, managing to get these fixed, and to be able to rebalance the body, thus improving physical health.


  • The Selenite establishes a gigantic bridge to reach higher states of the spirit through meditation.
  • When meditating with the Selenite we can feel almost immediately that it produces a sensation of tranquility, we get a mental clarity which leads us to perform this activity more quickly being very well focused on it.
  • By constantly meditating with the Selenite, we can increase our energy by bringing harmony and a constant tranquility to our daily life.
  • This mineral when meditating, gives us the enormous benefit of moving freely through the body of light and being able to reach as far as we want to reach within it.

Currently, it is said that we can get to see our past lives and achieve the ability to see future or future lives, depending on what you want to see at the moment of meditation, we must bear in mind that, if we see the future within this life, what you will see are probabilities of a situation, that is, depending on what you manage to see, it may or may not happen, everything depends on the decisions that are taken at the moment after seeing that probable future. Always keep this last thing in mind to avoid frustrations.


It must be borne in mind that selenite is composed of gypsum, which implies that it can be easily damaged if it is placed in water, whether it is cold or hot; so it is very important to avoid being exposed to water.

The best way to clean the selenite is leaving it overnight in the moonlight.

Some other options would be, leave it in the sun for a few minutes or leave it for an approximate minimum of 15 minutes in an amethyst druse, since it apart from cleaning it, recharges it.

We must always remember that the cleaning in this type of minerals is extremely important if we want to obtain good results when using it, therefore we must always keep in mind a prudent amount of time to clean it, trying as far as possible that this time does not exceed of one month.