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Serpentine: The stone of




The serpentine is a mineral which does not have any type of crystal, it is almost as hard as marble, this is difficult to differentiate since it is a very large group of minerals, some of the best known are: the bastite (serpentine that has a silky shine), the bowenite (apple green serpentine with lighter spots or veins), the Connemara (solid green rock), green antico (green rock with lines of white calcite), the williamsite (olive serpentine with spots or black streaks), the stichtita (it has a pink, red or lilac color) and the antigorite (translucent green color).


As these, there are a lot of varieties of serpentines, but the former are the best known, but the usual serpentine is light green or dark green to a little more whitish, thus giving an illusion that those shades could become similar to the skin of a snake, due to its variations in the color tone.

The fact that this stone has so many variations makes its extraction easier, in spite of that, one of the largest and most important deposits is found in France, leaving in second places the large deposits of Canada and England. The word serpentine comes from the Latin serpentīnus which means serpent; it serves as aesthetic stone being given commercially a considerable number of names, among the most common is the famous Ancient Green, or as it is called in some continents, The Infinite Stone.


Within the history of the serpentine, we have the Maori people, who, being short of the jade stone, used for many years the serpentine as a substitute to make tendrils in the shape of little men, since this one had a great similarity for its Translucent green coloration.

There is also a church created in the twelfth century north of Corsica (Italy) known as Church of San Michelle de Murato, which is composed of strips of colors, combining the color of marble with the green of the serpentine. In the pre-Roman era until the middle age, the serpentine had the reputation of being a stone that was able to protect from any type of disease or evil eye, this was one of the reasons why they were cut in the form of amulets to “scare away” those bad omens.

In ancient Assyria, seals made of serpentine were made and worn so that the goddesses and gods would give many blessings to the people, the women of that community used necklaces made of this material when they were in the process of breastfeeding since they considered that they could regulate the amount of breast milk.

Currently, within some traditions this stone has the particularity of preventing snake bites, protecting physical aggressions and poisoning. In African beliefs, it symbolizes the movement of a stream of water, force and fertility; In Egypt they consider that it has a high capacity for regeneration and in Greece, it is a stone that brings harmony and foresight.


Among the properties of the Serpentine that are inside this mineral we can highlight that this help to give a balance to the mood changes, calming those cases of extreme nervousness or stress, helps to protect us from all those negative energies, getting in this way solutions in a serene line, helping in this way to achieve an inner peace, avoiding external conflicts.

It is excellent to get back the ability to forgive ourselves for all the damage that we may have done throughout our lives, as well as cleanse us of those bad relationships of the past. This gives us that feeling of regaining control of ourselves, helping us to improve those emotional and mental disorders, detoxifying our body, our energy and spirit thus ensuring our vitality.

The serpentine based on its energy, has the necessary strength to be able to remove as much as possible those evils that overwhelm us and to calm the fears that torment us.

It is ideal to resort to the serpentine when we feel that our anxieties exceed us, fears prevent us from relaxing, when we notice that we have problems sleeping like insomnia, nightmares, paranoia among other things that can steal that moment of rest that is so desired in the day and necessary in the nights. If you get to feel any of these evils, consider very much the use of this stone.


As a healing stone physically, it is very possible that it can be of help for the functioning of the heart and lungs, eliminating toxins from our body activating in this way the best assimilation of nutrients and oxygen, increasing in the same way the absorption of calcium. This stone can be used for diabetic and hypoglycemic treatments. It can manage to relieve headaches and muscle pain as well as fight parasites.

This stone is highly recommended for carrying out meditations, since it helps to incorporate new conditions of mental perception, it activates the psychic capacities of the person recovering in this way, the lost wisdom and some memories of the past lives, in an average state in meditation we can help and move our energy towards those areas in which we have problems and in this way, begin a process of healing and detoxification.

It helps us to explore our spirit on earth, to unite ourselves more to it and to fully enjoy everything that implies belonging to earth as a human being. It is known that, despite being able to have the ability to cleanse all the chakras, it stimulates the coronary chakra specifically and mainly, transmitting harmony and clarifying the astral body.

The best method to clean it in the best way and thus get rid of bad energies that can collect over time and return the energy that characterizes this stone, is to bury it with a piece of cloth in the ground for a day and a night . Another option would be to place it inside a glass filled with water, likewise, all day and night.