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Smart Jewelry

Smart Jewelry


Who would think that in 2017 we would talk about this? Who would have imagined that technological evolution would be much faster than government systems?

From the beginning, in 1936, when the first binary mechanical calculator that worked with electricity, that occupied an entire table and whose data could only be received through perforated tapes would be the first step for this whole cybernetic revolution, because it is very important to keep in mind that at that time there was no programming language at all.

Since then, a world of possibilities has opened up for us, human beings, where we could simplify our work and make the most of other areas where machines could not play an important role.

Our evolution has taken us to unprecedented levels, most of the time our ability to create and destroy with the same ease is frightening. Our environment makes us selfish and thirsty beings, however, and within a very wide range where personalities can be classified and stored, there are those who see this world as an inexhaustible source of protection for our species and thus ensure our perpetuation over time.

It is here that we arrive at the present time, which has been advancing since 1984 when there are already about a thousand computers connected to the network known since 1981 as the Internet, and we take a look back and see that time flies.

When in 2016 a group of young people from Michoacán, Mexico, developed a technology that allowed them to launch alerts in dangerous situations, nobody thought that by December of that same year, accessories with this device would be available for sale. With an idea derived from their own experience, they were assaulted in a café, and one year of development these boys were able to create an accessible and profitable product.

The best ideas are the fruit of experiences lived in everyday life.

The company that dedicated itself, in time and effort, to making its products capable of adapting to the new and growing public demand was Vinaya, who in December 2016 sold luxury intelligent jewelry, with their Swarovski Activity Tracking they promoted a product, whose cost was 169 euros, capable of connecting to the mobile device and notifying the user, a combination of brightness and elegance was a very attractive product.

Although the technology is not just limited to the interaction between mobile devices, there is a range of products focused on the health and physical activity of users, in this case smart jewelry, we will have Garmin who in December 2016 promoted its product, Garmin Fenix Chronos, focused on controlling the physical activity of its user with a luxury design for the wearer athlete.

To date, in 2017, we have found a range of products capable of satisfying even the most demanding of customers in the area of technology, especially intelligent jewelry. This way we have CUFF.

I know you’re wondering now what is CUFF? And right now we will clear up any doubts that may arise from this, but first let’s talk about other available technologies that are similar but that are definitely not close to reaching it:

An example of a smart jewelry store is the ring made of 100% titanium that doesn’t need charging. Do you find it attractive? Imagine being able to configure your device so that only a few things are available to additional users and you don’t need to be plugging it into the power supply to charge it, it’s a wonder, with NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless frequency technology. This device allows you to make the following settings:

  • Blocking PPPs
  • Hide PPPs
  • Automatic playback
  • Sharing Internet links
  • Share text
  • Sharing files online
  • Water-resistant, an important feature for those of us who forget to take off our shower accessories

If you thought APPLE was the newest thing on the market because it restricts your access unless you have a fingerprint set up, I bet your speechless right now.

Compatible with Smart Locks

But it’s not just that, you can set your phone to only open when you’re around, it won’t matter code or unlock the screen, it just won’t open if the ring isn’t there. But this accessory doesn’t stay here, it’s compatible with smart locks, have you ever seen or read about apartments in Korea? There are few places where keys are still used today, the new intelligent locks work with an access code that the user can change at will, this ring is compatible with this technology, incredible? Of course I do, all this thanks to Smart Jewelry.

Now I will introduce you to a second accessory that will also leave you wanting to have it, this smart jewelry, try a necklace, is a beautiful accessory that every woman will want to have, is a jewel that connects wirelessly with everyone among its functions we have:

  • Answering calls
  • Text messages Notification
  • Email notification
  • Notification of missed calls
  • Preferred Social Network Notification

With a pendant heart design, this is an Intelligent Jewelry Store, a product of Morellato, a real conquest for women.And this is it. What? Well, it’s the whole anteroom before I start talking to her about CUFF.

CUFF is a high-tech access that is adaptable to almost any piece of jewelry, making your access to Intelligent Jewelry a thing of the past. It is adaptable to bracelet, ring and necklace, with a rectangular tablet design can be attractive in any of its presentations, among its features include

  • Call Notification
  • Social Media Notification
  • Text message notifications
  • Location warning
  • Create user activity logs

The factor that plays against you is that you need, require, be charged the battery however the regularity of this action varies between 6 and 12 months depending on its use, and the site is a fine and attractive piece of Smart Jewelry.

It allows you to create groups where, if you are in danger, you can notify people of your location and that this is an emergency call, and unlike the ring, it doesn’t matter how far away the device is from your Smartphone playing security into your hands.

So, what do you think of Smart Jewelry? A novelty at present and a significant advance if we talk about the fact that only 23 years have passed since the first smartphone created by IBM and launched in 1994 with half a kilo of weight and 20 centimeters long.