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Sodalite: The stone of



Sodalite is a mineral placed in the group of silicates, its name was placed because it is chemically high in sodium, thus obtaining the meaning of Sodium Stone, it has also often been called Sodalite Stone. This mineral has the largest reserves and largest deposits in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, the United States and China.

Sodalite has a striking coloration that can be considered one of the main things that characterizes it, it can be blue or indigo blue, which is the color that can mostly be seen, but as in most precious stones, this mineral has some color variables such as seeing them in light lilac, white, yellow or with a pale green, in some strange cases, you can see it transparent.

Another feature that is taken into account in the Sodalite is that it has in it some shadows, spots, veins or lines that can be white, gray or black. By the tone of blue that comes to obtain, this stone is often confused a countless number of times with Lapis Lazuli or Azurite, since they have, in tonality, very similar characteristics.

There is a variety of this stone that is the one that has the lilac color, placing the name of Hackmanite over that one, which contains the same amount of sodium, but in this stone a large amount of sulfur also participates.

The Sodalite becomes interesting for collectors, it is mostly said that this is a second quality stone; this makes the necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and even the adornments that can be made with this material, really low in price. This stone is usually carved curved, cubic or in a sphere.

It is known for its healing ability, meditation and its contribution to wisdom. Being a stone that is still energetically in a state of evolution, we have to keep in mind that using it too much can affect us intensely to change our attitude or worsen those people who are in a certain state of depression. Despite this last, it is an excellent stone for communication, to let ideas flow, to become more objective and less critical of our surroundings.

It also distinguishes itself by facilitating us to find that strength of will and that serenity at an emotional level, helping to clarify our ideas at times of our lives where we feel disoriented or in situations of anger and irritability, preventing us from losing ourselves and allowing ourselves to be consumed by these bad feelings. Relieves the guilt, fears, sadness and anxieties, enhances personal security and self-esteem, preventing bad energies from breaking our spirit again.

Through its healing properties, this stone helps to treat diseases that you have to see or are related to the bone system. It is perfect for women who are in menopausal age or who are entering pre-menopause, as this stone seeks to normalize and balance metabolism and hormones. It is advisable to use this mineral to help those who suffer from the bad absorption syndrome, since this syndrome has to do with that natural ability of the body to assimilate all those nutrients that come through food, and Sodalite helps the stabilization of our body activating the healing mechanisms that each one possesses.

It can work as a tranquilizer, bringing calm to our nerves and high blood pressure. It favors the cleaning of our organism, preventing future diseases as well as lung and stomach problems. Something curious about this stone is that it is capable of going against radiation, whether artificial or natural, which is highly recommended for people working around equipment that is under a certain type of radiation or with radioactive materials.

In the spiritual realm, Sodalite protects and guides every trip we make, whether they are long or short or in any type of route (land, air or sea). It is perfect to be given to those self-centered and vain people, since it motivates them and gives them that understanding or comprehension before the problems and needs of others.

It is recommended before separations, for the help it gives us to recover our emotional balance. Stabilizes and promotes the mind so that the learning we get before anything or everything happens is faster and more enjoyable.

It is used in meditations for the help it brings to harmonize our body, our mind and our emotions within the same static line, allowing us to free ourselves from those doctrines that harm us.

This stone is important to use in the eye chakra, since it stimulates and orders all the thoughts that may confuse us, thus helping our concentration within the meditation. Despite being in a state of evolution, this gem is considered one of the blue stones with greater vibration and strength.

Within the meditation this stone receives the name of Stone of the Inner Voice or as the Gem of the Gift of the Inner Voice; this because it helps to externalize those dreams of the soul and improves the communication of the person, helping him or her to say all those things that they are most afraid to express.

Achieving meditation with this gem will help understand those things that are happening in your life, both emotionally and helping you realize what you want and what you don’t, this stone, if you allow it, can serve as a guide, indicating you where to go and how to do it, taking away little by little the realization of those dreams that are still not fulfilled.

In these cases, the recommendation is that, if you are in those days where you do not know what to do, or where you feel that you have obstacles to the realization of a dream and you have no idea how to solve it or face it, the ideal would be for you to meditate with Sodalite.