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Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewelry

Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewelry


What is the spiritual effect of wearing jewelry? Jewelry is an important part of today’s society, but have you ever stopped to think about whether wearing jewelry can have any kind of spiritual effect on any level that positively affects your personality and body?

Many of the precious stones have meanings of great importance, if we take a look at the past, you can see that jewelry was very popular in most civilizations, showing that those who were before us wore those jewels not only because they looked good.

Jewelry is part of the belief, the vast majority of people claim a higher power, having this a kind of spiritual effect, it all depends on the level of belief of each one, many say that you can get benefits from wearing jewelry as others do not. Some of these properties are: absorption of divine consciousness, protection of different negative energies like ghosts, demons, as well as reduction of the black energy of the body, and even spiritual healing with a method called acupressure therapy.

Gold Rings

The spiritual effect produced by gold is quite slight, but it can be distinguished in the same way, it is known as a metal that produces a lot of caloric energy, thus involving the body in soothing vibrations. In other times, it was believed that gold had healing properties, also the color that the metal possesses is of great importance.

The golden color is full of heat, which allows you to relax any part of your body that is affected, making your recovery faster. The use of gold rings is common throughout the world, arising from a possible tradition or from religion itself. This action is accompanied by more than one spiritual effect, among which we mention:

  • The use of a gold ring is what attracts and what is known as higher consciousness, which is emitted by the metal.
  • The divine consciousness makes a pressure around the finger causing it to become acupressure. Having as a spiritual effect the significant reduction of different types of black energy, which makes it easier for the finger to obtain divine power.
  • The use of a ring on the ring finger is very healing. For it to have any spiritual effect, at any level, it must be used on women on the left hand, while men must use it on the right hand.


The earrings are not only used to highlight the feminine beauty, but these jewels also have a spiritual acupuncture-like effect on our leather.

In ancient China, earrings were used primarily for health purposes. By using accessories of this kind, you get a number of properties and spiritual effect:

  • The earrings call it the divine principle, which covers a person with happiness, patience, joy, spiritual desire, ability to forgive and perseverance.
  • The decoration marks divine eternity, which is emitted throughout the body.
  • People who use earrings are surrounded by a stream of joy.



The accessories that are placed around the neck, are also used worldwide from the oldest and most remote times to the present day and these are used in different cultures in order to be decorative, as well as show some kind of social class.

When wearing a necklace, it should be taken into account:

  • The use of the necklace has a spiritual effect, it invokes the divine consciousness, making it flow throughout the body.
  • Wearing a chain made of gold destroys all parts of the top-slit in the common environment.
  • By wearing a necklace, it can protect you from any kind of negative energy such as demons, witches, ghosts, among others.



The jewelry for dolls are very beautiful, these are known as one of the oldest ornaments that was created by mankind, its history dates from 5000 BC.

Wearing bracelets that contain specific stones can help to control any type of stress that surrounds us, when placed on the right side, can help in a significant way with productivity and energy control.

It is also believed that a woman, who by wearing this kind of jewelry on the left wrist, brings good luck, protection and right-side confidence and prosperity. Since wearing a bracelet has a spiritual effect, we can even name some of these:

  • It attracts what the divine consciousness is, thus creating a protective environment that covers the whole hand.
  • The jewels on the wrists mark the beginning of the sun’s destiny.
  • It emits a saving energy. It’s being emitted by the hand.

Jewelry purification

When we wear jewelry, it protects us from any attack of negative energies such as ghosts, demons, devils, among others; and when these energies make the attempt to attack us with their black energy, they first go to the jewelry we wear, before it harms us directly, for this reason it is very important that we adopt the habit of regularly purifying our jewelry, thus eliminating all negative energy and continuing its spiritual effect.

There are different ways in which we can spiritually purify our jewels, taking into account and using the 5 cosmic principles.

  • Absolute principle of fire: It can be done by applying sacred ash (Vibhuti), which can be obtained from the SSRF incense stick to all the jewellery.
  • Absolute principle of air (Vayu Tattva); it is about blowing on the pieces of gold, sacred ash obtained from the SSRF incense sticks, or simply letting the smoke of the incense touch the jewels.
  • Absolute ether principle (Akasha Tattva); which consists in placing the objects in a box that is empty for a certain time.



  • Wearing jewelry does not allow you to have divine energy, but if it gives you a spiritual effect, it can protect you from negative energies and can give you spiritual healing.
  • The jewels we have to wear must be made of sattvic material and designs.
  • Through regular, daily spiritual practice, we will begin to grow spiritually, generating sattvic vibrations or vibrations of spiritual energy within ourselves. So, we reduce our need to wear jewelry in order to receive sattvika.