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Sugilite: The stone of



Sugilite, a mineral belonging to the Osumilite group, is considered as the “Young Stone” because it was discovered in 1944 by a Japanese geologist named Ken-IchiSugi, but it was not until 1976, just 32 years after its discovery, which was considered as a new species of mineral.

As a recent stone, deposits have been found in Australia, India, Japan, Canada and South Africa.

The Sugilite is quite unknown in the European continent, but very recognized in the United States, and in some other parts of the American continent, this due to the large amount of publicity that was made in the eighties.


In the United States, because of the advertising campaigns that were carried out, Sugilite can be recognized by the following names:

  • The Royal Labudite, for its particular lavender color.
  • The Royal Azel, referring to the village of South Africa where it has also been located.
  • It can also be known in the world as Lavulite which has as meaning The Stone of the New Age.


The manganese present in its chemical structure, makes Sugilite possess a very specific variety of tonalities, making this one of the first characteristics of it; these colors would be several variations of pink, red, brown, several shades of purple and even dark violet.

In some cases, the variation of the color is not of only one, but it has veins, spots or grayish, yellow or even white lines, this due to small amounts of quartz or other minerals in it.


  • Because of a very similar color, Sugilite can be confused with Sogdianite, which can only be differentiated by means of certain chemical analyzes.
  • Many times it can be found close to other minerals, some of them would be Apatite, Zircon and Albite.
  • It is very possible that this stone has achieved through its corpulence and firmness to be cataloged as a gem so quickly.


The Sugilite is very rare to see it carved on any of its faces, it is more common to see it worked (cut and polished) into spheres, ovals and cubes for making necklaces, charms, tendrils or any other type of accessory that you want it to be used on.The most sought after accessories composed of this material are those of violet or dark red color, since they tend to be more striking to the eye.


Although this gem (the Sugilite) is very recent to have been discovered, many experts dedicated themselves to investigate how this stone could energetically help the body, the spirit and the energy of the person who possesses it; resulting in infinity of uses that one can take advantage of for health, mental, physical and spiritual.

It has been mentioned that the simple encounter with this stone can give us a great step towards well-being and we can get that initiative to know things, places, situations and new people in our life.

Having the Sugilite can help us to maintain our point of view no matter what, giving us the security we need to prevent our ideals and way of thinking from being changed without us wanting to, while remaining true to ourselves.

Sugilite energetically gives the characteristic of being able to maintain the innocence and charm that the adult mind has lost, managing to maintain and preserve the capacity for wonder of childhood in the adult world, plus the ability to face new situations, difficult or strange that could become, things that the current world has been losing over the years.


  • You can minimize those feelings of bitterness and pain, only in some cases it has been known that it has helped to calm fears.
  • Sugilite represents that spiritual love and wisdom that one has as a person.


It helps and accompanies those spiritual searches where one looks for answers to questions that life presents over time, helping to a certain extent to find them. Considering Sugilite a guiding and healing stone.


  • At a healing level, it is said that Sugilite helps strengthen the heart, both in the tissues and at acardiovascular level.
  • It helps reduce stress and heal physical wounds, relieves headaches and detoxifies the bloodstream.
  • At an energetic level, it keeps us in an atmosphere of peace of mind and generalizes a feeling of love, satisfaction and well-being.
  • It protects both our person and our loved ones from bad energies.


  • Within meditation this stone can perfectly unite the physical realm with the spiritual in a short time.
  • Because of the amount of energy it possesses, it gives us the possibility to regenerate and maintain our energy starting from the inside out.
  • Sugilite is discovered in the perfect moment for humanity, bringing with it renewed and strong energies in this time of need, generating great power of healing and bringing new forms of love to the world.
  • The energy connection with the universe makes it move and join all the chakras, making us remember our missions on earth, those reasons why and why we are in this time, the reason why our spirit and essence are here and now.
  • The Sugilite accompanies you to visit your past lives, protecting you from each of them and helping you to have answers of this life being in the memories of the others.


Meditate having this gem with you, gives the ability to release all those things that enslave you to stay with a negative and fatalistic mind, coming to abstain from seeing all the opportunities that may arise in your life.

The Sugilite reconnects you again to your confidence, your innocence, your essence and that inner child that you thought you had lost somewhere, no matter how old you are, you will recover that which you left aside for the occupations of the routine.