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How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry


Most women are fascinated by jewelry, throughout history they have always accompanied us in the best moments of our lives, they have represented wealth and beauty, since they are the perfect complement to our personal clothing, some use them as talismans for luck, while others use them as religious objects, but whatever the way they are worn, they have always been with us.

Because of the relationship we have with jewelry, some of them are worn out every day, which is reflected in their low shine (the stones that are opaque), they are also scratched or deformed (for example, wedding rings or chains with marks), as well as any other damage, causing them to lose their beauty and this has an impact on their value.

On the other hand, both men and women, often, use to wash ourselves, put on creams, make-up, perfume, etc. and then put on our clothes. So, all those external agents that we use on our skin, plus all those with corrosive agents, chlorine, such as detergents, dishwashers, certain foods, among others, can make our garments lose their color and even turn dark. That is why we offer you some recommendations to take care of your jewels and keep them as beautiful as the first day.

How to Take Care of Your Jewels in a Simple and Easy Way: How to store our jewels?

One of the most important things to take into account when taking care of our jewels is their storage place. For this reason, it is necessary that you have your garments stored individually, so that they will not scratch or come into contact with other materials.  The right thing would be to store them in their original packaging or boxes; they can also be organized in boxes by compartments. In this sense, we may have many options that will give us an excellent organization that will allow us to take care of our jewelry to keep it as new.

It is also good, to take care of the jewels, to check regularly the setting of the stones, to make sure that they are all well placed and firm to prevent them from falling and getting lost, and to check that the zippers are in perfect condition.

The care of our silver jewelry

Pure silver is a soft and fragile material, so it always needs an alloy with other materials, which gives it strength and durability. Sterling Silver 925 is composed of 92.5% pure silver mixed with other materials, either copper or nickel, among others. You will also be able to verify the authenticity of what is known as 925 Sterling Silver, thanks to the stamps inscribed on the silver products.

With regard to the storage of our silver garments, it is necessary to store them correctly. First, we must clean it regularly and immediately when necessary, as the best way to preserve silver is to store it properly.

So we must make sure that each piece is completely dry before storing it, for this reason, it is recommended to buy special bags such as plastic bags with hermetic seal, or you can wrap it with tissue paper, because in addition to being protected from moisture, it will prevent them from scratching each other and losing their shine.

Another important point to consider before storing a silver garment in your jewelry box for a long period of time is that you should clean it first with the advices we will give you so that there are no perfume particles, sweat, or creams that could damage it. And finally store the silver in a cool, dry place to prevent oxidation.

Why does a silver jewel darken with time?

As silver is a noble material, easy to work with and affordable in cost, it is widely used in jewelry. However, due to improper use our jewelry can become dirty and tarnished. When silver binds with certain elements such as oxygen or sulfur, as with other acids, it generates a chemical process called oxidation. As a result, it can lose its shine and darken due to the pH of the skin, creams, make-up, perfumes and other products.

For the above reasons, it is necessary to make a good maintenance of our jewelry box, taking care of these small pieces in order to show off our jewelry clean and bright.

Some recommendations for your silver jewelry

Never store silver jewelry in a place where it may come into contact with rubber, stainless steel or paint, we suggest that you keep the silver in a separate compartment from the rest of your jewelry, as it is more delicate and darkens more easily.

An easy way to keep our most frequently used silver jewelry clean is to shower with it and rinse it well, then dry it and put it away, thus saving you a few steps, as sometimes we don’t have time to do this process.

When preparing foods such as table salt, mayonnaise, onion, or vinegar, it is a good idea to remove your silver rings, as these ingredients are detrimental to their shine; and if you use them while cooking, wash them with soap right after finishing.

Cleaning our silver pieces

Keeping our silver jewelry clean and shiny is an essential part of ensuring that it always looks perfect, which is why it is important to maintain it regularly. To begin with you need a toothbrush to reach the narrowest areas and irregular areas.

For this reason, if your silver piece simply requires routine cleaning, it is advisable to immerse it in warm water with a drop of neutral soap and rub it carefully with a toothbrush for no more than 6 minutes.

When the silver gets dark

If your piece is darkened because you haven’t used it for a long time and it’s not enough with neutral soap, we suggest you rub it with baking soda, put a little in your hand, mix it with 5 drops of warm water and when you have a thick mass, rub it on the surface of the silver with a lot of force, complement it with the toothbrush and then rinse it with plenty of water. This way you will achieve a spectacular shine for your jewel.

Another way to clean the darkened silver is to rub it with very fine beach sand so that it does not scratch the piece, applying it with the same procedure as baking soda. The key to this technique is to rub it hard and for a few minutes and you will see how after rinsing it, will have a spectacular shine.

You can also clean your silver jewelry using a piece of aluminum and put it inside a ceramic container, then fill it with water, add salt, and a few drops of vinegar.  Then immerse the jewelry for 5 minutes and your silver accessories will look like new.

Better to use homemade products

Nowadays there are many products on the market created for silver and gold cleaning, however they usually contain some chemicals that can change the color of the piece, besides causing more damage to the environment, for this reason we prefer to suggest simpler, more homemade and less polluting methods.

Once you finish the cleaning process, you must dry the piece with a cloth or kitchen paper, so that it absorbs all the moisture that may be left, making sure you leave the piece very dry.

The care of our gold jewelry

The gold jewels are our most precious treasures, which represent good moments, gifts, memories and even promises, which is why we must take care of them and ensure that they are always clean and bright, so that they retain their radiant beauty longer. In this sense there are different methods to clean and care for your gold jewelry depending on the type of gold it is, for this reason we invite you to clean the gold jewelry at home.

It seems difficult to clean the gold if we want it to recover its natural shine, however, the reality is that there are several products with which we can leave it as new, although some homemade techniques are also known that are equally effective.

Here’s how to clean your gold jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and earrings, with simple, homemade methods that will keep them clean, beautiful and shiny, like new. Let us begin then with the golden garments.

Gilded gold cleaning techniques

One of the most commonly used home cleaning techniques to clean gilded gold is cleaning it with an effervescent aspirin, since the acid contained in the aspirin cleans the piece and leaves it as new as gold. Simply put 2 aspirins in a glass with the gold piece and add a little water, leaving them to dissolve. We wait for several minutes, remove the jewelry and for more shine we dry with a clean cloth.

Another simple way to clean the gold is with aluminum foil, as it is one of the most amazing remedies we can recommend when it comes to cleaning gold. This is why we need to place a container with aluminum foil. Then we fill it with hot water and add a tablespoon of chlorine-free laundry detergent powder and mix.

Then we introduce the jewels into this solution and leave them for about a minute, at which point a chemical reaction called ion exchange occurs. After a while we remove, rinse with plenty of water and let it dry in the air.

There is also another easy and economical method of cleaning that is with vinegar, for this, a mixture of half a cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda is made, the piece is submerged for three hours. It is then removed, rinsed and dried with a clean cloth.

Finally, we indicate the procedure for the cleaning of gilded gold with ammonia, in which a solution of half a cup of ammonia is prepared with a cup of warm water, and the gold pieces are submerged for about ten minutes. Subsequently, it should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth and allowed to dry. It must be taken into account that the gold pieces do not contain pearls, as this is the only way to make them more durable.

Cleaning of white gold

It is important to note that white gold is similar in color to silver; however, it is somewhat more difficult to clean as the dirty area may become more noticeable or may become more embedded.

We start our recommendation of cleaning white gold with beer, for this, you must add a few drops of white beer on the jewels in a container and then rub them with a clean cloth. Once finished, remove them and let them air dry.



We continue with the super easy to get instrument or tool to clean our white gold jewelry as is the use of the toothbrush. Just immerse the toothbrush in a solution of baking soda with water and a few drops of lemon juice, rub well for about three minutes and the jewel will look as good as new.

Next we have the cleaning of white gold with soap and water, which should be used when our jewelry has any alloy that makes it delicate and vulnerable to other products, so that by adding a few drops of mild soap in a container or bowl of hot water and remove it. The white gold piece is then inserted and left for about 15 minutes for action. Once this time is over, remove it, dry it with a clean cloth and you will get your radiant piece like on the first day.

Pink gold and its maintenance

There is also the maintenance and cleaning of pink gold, which is more delicate, for which you should only use products that are not abrasive to prevent them from taking the pink tone from the gold. This is why it should be cleaned with water, mild soap and a toothbrush, then subtly rubbed, rinsed with water at room temperature and dried with a soft cloth.

Pink gold can also be cleaned with a little toothpaste, rubbed with a soft toothbrush to avoid damaging the piece, rinsed and then dried with a soft, clean cloth