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The Meaning and Concept of Talismans

The Meaning and Concept of Talismans


Talismans are generally known to be a precious or semi-precious jewel of gold or silver; however, they don’t necessarily have to be of mineral origin; objects such as a four-leaf clover, a rock, a horseshoe and many others are also used. Each of them has a different meaning. It is an object that is charged with magical powers for specific purposes and used to attract positive energies or specific universal forces.

Talisman’s Meaning and Concept

These usually have some kind of inscriptions or engravings that have the purpose of embodying the desired symbolism according to the intention that is desired to impregnate on the jewel. As we have mentioned before, its normality is designed to attract and channel specific types of energies to the person who is using the jewel.

Talismans have been used since ancient times, although nowadays it’s very common to use the word talisman as a qualifying adjective meaning that the object or person has good luck or gives very good results, such as, for example, “The Christian player is the talisman of the team” (there it is indicated that it is the basis of the team and brings very good results).

However, something that is really curious is the origin of the mystical jewels comes to be the meaning of the word talisman, which comes from different languages such as Arabic, French, and Greek, all of them conclude that it is a jewel that has extraordinary powers.

The talismans and amulets

What distinguishes a talisman from an amulet is its making. Although any object can be, but what really makes it an object that has “magical” properties is the process by which it is made, because during development certain rites of manufacture are used that are attributed the name of “pentacle”, which comes to mean ritual materialized.

Manufacturing involves in shortening in a precise and concrete way, on a single object, the events, rules and principles that are part of the idea-forces that we intend to transmit to the astral object. The first thing we have to know is the moment to make the respective mystical jewel is the astral correspondence tables, being these those of colors, the planets, the zodiac signs and many others. But above all, we must be very clear about the desire of where we have to impregnate our intention, that is, our Talismanic support.

On many occasions talismans are often confused with amulets and in some cases many who are unaware of the subject say that they are the same, but an amulet is an object that has inherent magical properties, in other words that the properties are a part of the nature of the amulet which is generally used in a general way, while the talisman is an object that receives its magical properties through a person who creates it and gives it its powers through a consecration that can be as simple as bathing the object you love with a little holy water or with much more complex rituals.

However, both “jewels” have something in common which is that they come to represent the union between the material universe and the immaterial universe, both symbols functioning as a part of our spiritual unconscious.

Talismans: Materials for the making

The talisman depends on the object or mineral we use to make the jewel, so it’ll have a different meaning and use, some of the best known materials are:

  • The horseshoe: In the past, it was very common to see it arranged in the entrances of houses in order to repel bad vibes and attract good fortune for both the home and the family. Nowadays, it is still used for the same purpose, but it is carried in contact with the skin.

Another widely used object that has become very popular over the years, whether by its introduction in famous movies, video games or also by its use today has been:

  • Rabbits legs: In Europe B.C. it was said that people struck by trauma, bruising or cramps were magically healed by simply rubbing the affected area of the body with a hare’s or rabbit’s foot, an animal that at the time was highly respected. This superstition ran from mouth to mouth and spread all over the world.

To be a strong and very powerful talisman and not just a simple amulet, the rabbit must be captured and killed by the hands of a cross-eyed man during a night when the moon is in its full phase or a person who was born on October 31st (this being the day of all the dead) and who is neither engaged nor engaged, let alone in marriage. Also, it has to be the left rear leg because it was said that the hind legs had more contact with the ground than the front legs. In the same way that it was the left leg, it has to be carried inside the left pocket.

Although it may not seem curious to many, the bells were also used as a talisman thanks to the sound that this object emits.

  • Bells: It’s said that they can help to scare away the bad energies of the place where they are located, they are also protective ones that help to heal from all kinds of illnesses and they also work to free and eliminate from a house the bad vibes, the bad energies and the entities that may be inside it, so that it resonates in every corner of the place and with their candid sound stripped the home of all of them.


One of the most widely used talismans and in modern times it still has its validity is the popular four-leaf clover, thanks to its scarce existence it is said that it brings a lot of luck to anyone who finds one by accident.

  • Four-leaf clover: According to the legends each leaf of the four-leaf clover contains a meaning with different powers, the first of them comes to represent hope and perseverance, the next one comes to be faith, security and self-confidence, while the other is for love and relationships throughout life and finally comes to mean that of luck and fortune during daily life.


It’s said in the legend that the four-leaf clover becomes a symbol of good fortune and whoever has it and will be accompanied by good luck, love, prosperity and health.

Talismans: Spiritual and magical power

Talismans are a way of taking advantage of the spiritual and magical power of the immaterial universe. By doing one of them in an astrologically auspicious moment we will be able to charge with powers and with the energy of a particular planet, this in the case of performing astrological talismans in which time is of the essence.

Although any object could be made and consecrated as a talisman, astrologers are especially the most used and made of metals and are usually made artistically by jewelers, goldsmiths or craftsmen, so they can be bought in shops very easily or if you have some knowledge about the subject of carving the metal you can draw and carve, as long as it is respecting the astrological time.

Each star corresponds to a metal, to give an example: gold comes to represent the sun, iron corresponds to the planet Mars, while tin is the metal designated for Jupiter and copper is the metal for Venus. Silver is best suited for the Moon and Mercury, because the use of metallic mercury is incredibly toxic and can be deadly.

The positive effects of planets are necessary for talismans

To get a suitable talisman for you, it’s needed to ask yourself the following question “What do I need in life?”, once you have analyzed the question you have to decide with what intention and what effect you would like the jewel to have and choose one appropriate for your purpose, therefore, you have to know the most basic positive effects of the planets:


  • Saturn: It will give us long life, discipline, success, astrological abilities, the mystical, and will expose us to the wisdom that exists within us and we have not been able to appreciate.
  • Jupiter: It will give us wealth, good fortune in everything and bring justice to our lives.
  • Mars: It will increase our courage, we will be more determined in the day to day, fatigue will be reduced and so increase the positive energy and finally we will take the lead in the decisions that are made.
  • The sun: Our fame is going to increase in our social life, therefore we are going to stand out more, we are going to have a good working life, we will be much more respected and we will even be able to be the authority in our social groups.
  • Venus: We are going to have great opportunities in loving relationships, good friendships will benefit, our creative being will increase and we will succeed in art.
  • Mercury: Our memory will be more exceptional and we will avoid diseases such as Alzheimer’s and all those related, our communication with other people will be much better and fluid.
  • The moon: Self-confidence will abound in our being, we will avoid disease because our health will benefit and we will have wealth in all aspects of life.
  • The Earth: Everything related to magic and mysticism will have more apparitions in life, nature will give us peace, calm and tranquility.

There are talismans of other types such as celestial bodies, zodiacal signs and elements of the universe such as galaxies, asteroids, comets, constellations and stars.