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Tiger’s Eye: The stone of protection, courage and money

Tiger's Eye The stone of protection, courage and money


The Tiger’s Eye mineral, very interesting from its beautiful colors with a very particular range of light and dark up to the diverse sizes in which it can be found. It is said that it also has different magical powers from other minerals as they are widely used by people who grant the benefit of blessing them and directing their protection to people, it also has a number of very particular and somewhat extensive general physical characteristics that describe the interior both chemical and biological of the piece in question, a mineral worth studying completely and admiring all its powers.

The kind of energy that the Tiger´s Eye stone communicates is very important and is considered as an energy transmitted in a projecting way because it sends you directly all the faculties that this protective stone can transmit to you. The type of energy that the minerals emits is very important to take into consideration because this way we will know if it is the type of mineral that will benefit us for the different negative moments that we are going through and if this energy can change, even a little, the course of situations. This mineral is very much related to the sun that we all know and in this way it is given a second meaning that is based on the heat that this piece can transmit to us at the moment of owning it, making us feel more comfortable with our lives and know to how to deal with uncomfortable moments in the best possible way.


This stone as many previous ones was studied by diverse scientists or professionals in chemistry and biology who give to know the components that these specimens possess, many times they study of these minerals under different types of measures, tables and other necessary implements to guess with all the information that is given to an interested public, the level of hardness of the specimens in average, the colors and all the pigments that can be found inside and because of their formation and how precious they can be in the mining market and probably by people, has its own characteristic chemical chain that makes it different from some stones or gems that are not studied so much in depth, the chemical chain is that stretch of reading matter where you can notice the components that make this stone an element with the physical characteristics that we already know today.


This stone has a long history addressed to humanity and to the different esoteric uses as many as any other type. According to the studies that have been carried out on this matter, it was dictated that it has a similarity with the associated metal called gold, a metal that since ancient times was and is very much appreciated by all the people of the planet for its faculties. The powers that this tiger mineral gives to people are quite particular because they are the accessibility to money, have greater courage, greater protection from evils that want to approach the person who carries this mineral want to cause negative damage, give opportunities or strokes of luck throughout life while you have the rock divination and creativity to know how to correctly carry any good and bad circumstances that arise on the road.

The signs of the zodiac that are most related to the mineral that is being written and studied are the sign of Gemini, Leo and Virgo. In the olden days of war and in a state of awareness of the powers of this stone, he gave a copy to each soldier so that he could suffer the power of protection against the damage that might be caused to them as persons, always with a symbolism of protection gives the person and the brain a push to do things without means to the negative consequences because the protective state they have, of course always be done in positive situations and this stone is not instantaneous either, i.e., goes hand in hand with the actions we commit daily. The Roman soldiers more than all were the carriers of this mineral at that time in the history of their city, basically in their cultures were distilled owning these specimens for their welfare and that of the warrior troops of the time.





The operation of the magical powers of this stone as well mentioned are dedicated to the actions we commit, the thieves used tocovet this type of material because they thought they would give them luckin committing theircrimes and therefore these stones are often stolen by these people. As all the way through life you always have to do good for people and not cause harm to anyone and if you add protection to that, the factors that play a role in people’s lives can be oriented to be more positive and other characteristics that help us to base ourselves as good people. Estimating the wealth with this stone usually works because they are one of the factors that has always been taken into account by people who carry this mineral, having in your hands your own protection from the dangers of the world has to become a fundamental element and not leave aside these specimens and benefit.

Depending on the culture and the country, healing rituals and different types of movements are always carried out, including these types of protective stones with others who are empowered to do so, as well as the people who will benefit from carrying these elements with them, it could be considered that there is a kind of shortage of these stones because not all of them can be blessed because certain essential characteristics have to be fulfilled for the satisfactory blessing and beginning of the faculties that this stone liberates, a value always taken care of.