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Topaz: The stone of




The name of this gem is given, according to what is said ofrom an island that is located in the Red Sea called Topazos and in fact on the island there is a deposit of a precious stone, but they are not topazes in fact they are Olivines and that due to the color of them are confused with topaz and the only way to differentiate them is usually due to the chemical composition of them, here is another house of a gem that is so similar to another in texture, purity and color that can get confused, as happens with the variations of the colors in the Tourmaline.


It is used many times as a substitute for the Diamond, for its use as a precious stone and its diversity of colors many times its varieties (as happens with tourmaline), are confused with other gems, in fact the central “Diamond” in the Portuguesecrown is in fact a Topaz, although of course no one is going to say it, it is an open secret, the stone will always remain in the crown and in fact this great Topaz was named the Braganza Diamond, when belonging to this distinguished and much admired jewel.

This gem has been used for centuries and this shows that already in ancient Egypt it was used to decorate different jewels that were both property of the pharaohs and their respective spouses, as well as of any important character within the empire, but it was not but in the Middle Ages, which really began to acquire great popularity, not only as a jewel and precious stone; but also as a stone that helped the mental strengthening of those who possessed it, it was said that everyone who had this stone was sharp-minded and very intelligent when it came to saying and doing things.

There are a lot of jewels created with the different types of Topaz that exist, since it was discovered it has always been a stone appreciated for its beauty and brightness, although the name Topaz is always associated with the yellow color or rather the variety yellow or the slightly more orange version, the truth is that currently the most sold variety and that has more demand is the Blue Topaz, thus displacing the variety to, say it in some way, is the most traditional.

Although the blue variety of this gem is the most demanded, the truth is that collectors, crave and desire red and pink, due to its rarity and its low production; in fact within the variety of the Topaz these are considered the most expensive of all and even if the samples are smaller compared to others of more common colors, in fact one of the varieties of this gem is known as the Imperial Topaz and in fact it is orange, although it is relatively easier to find than the other two, it was his color that earned him the name.


There are several deposits around the world of this stone, one of the largest is Brazil and in fact it is the largest producer of the gem, followed closely by Pakistan and Russia, where large deposits of stone have been found a few years ago.

Thus the production is low due to the new mines, in Sri Lanka there is also a deposit and why wouldn’t there be one, being called the island of treasures and all, other places where you can find this gem are; Ukraine, the United States and Zimbabwe, however in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland are the only places in the world where pale blue Topaz deposits are known exclusively and naturally.

While there are many types and colors of this gem, the truth is that the most alluring of it is its brightness and that is why it is so confused with others and in fact some experts say that the brightness of this stone is so unique, that the only precious stone gem that would not feel overshadowed by its side would be the Diamond and the others would only feel envious of not being so striking with it.

It should be noted apart from its brightness it also enjoysfrom a very good characteristic and it is its hardness, since due to this it is very difficult that once it has already become a jewel or already part of one, it is almost impossible to scratch it, but although this is a great quality, it can still be very brittle.


This is a stone to which are attributed many spiritual and healing properties such as; channeling energy that is directly related to love and spiritual healing, helps its bearer to have access to his own knowledge and the true scope of light and energy within his life, well known as the stone of openness and the truth, these qualities are those that its carrier acquires by having it with him constantly.

Formerly used to combat shyness, so that the people who had it could express themselves with total freedom and without fear of being wrong and it was also said that it helped with headache, many therapists recommend it to combat stress and any kind of worry.

In ancient Greece it was believed that it was of great help for blindness and that thanks to the powers over nature that it possessed it gave its bearer great physical and spiritual strength and even in case of danger it could make it invisible, it was also said that it could change its color if it was close to some poison, likewise its healing powers were changing according to each lunar phase and it took an entire cycle for it to return to acquire a specific quality.

Formerly many people believed that the cosmos and the universe were reflected in the precious stones, due to its great brightness and beauty and if that is true or somebody exists who believes in it we still can say that this gem reflects all those wonders to which We do not have access yet.