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Tourmaline: The protective stone of all colors



The name of the tourmaline comes from the Sinhala word touramalli, whose literal meaning is stone with mixed colors and this is used a lot to define many stones with these characteristics, especially the zircons, another origin of the name and that also comes from the same word, in this case it is the word turamali, whose translation is stone that binds ashes and refers to those magnetic characteristics that also have the stone and that in reality this feature is also reflected in the mineral before being converted into a gem and even in the raw crystal.


Tourmaline has a great history, about 2,300 years ago, before it got its current name, it was called iyngurion and it was named after the philosopher Theophrastus, its reason to call it that way was because of the magnet characteristic that it possessed.

Only that instead of attracting metal towards it, what attracted was ashes, straws and some pieces of heated wood, and for this same quality has been called in different ways throughout history, in the eighteenth century was called by the Dutch as ashes puller or was also called asshentrekker.

There is something very striking and that is although the gem is considered a gemstone by itself, due to its wide variety of colors, the tourmaline has been confused with other gems.

In fact several of these gems are part of many of the jewels of the Russian crown and that is because in the sixteenth century red tourmalines, were mistaken for Rubies that came from South America, in fact today it is believed that most of the Gems that came from the continent during the colonization that the Portuguese made were actually tourmalines in their different colors.

It is said that Empress Tzu Hsi was a great admirer of the tourmaline. This Chinese Empress ruled in the years 1860 – 1908, she used these gems to make different types of jewelry and accessories, most of their buttons were made with these gems, as well as different types of brooches, such as regular ones only for ornaments and those she used together with her imperial jackets.

In fact the pin of a pocket watch she used to wear was made with one of these gems; in fact at the time of her death a cushion made with these gems was made for her, where she rests her remains.


The most outstanding features of the tourmaline, is that it can be found in practically all the colors that go from; white or transparent to black, of course going through yellow and brown, red and blue, pink and green.

In fact it is in these last colors where a great variety of tones are found, however there are two shades that are the most valuable green, more precisely the emerald greens and the variety known as Paraíba, which is known for its electric blue tone, a very striking tone even for a gem and of course we cannot fail to mention the variety that has almost all colors within a stone.

This gem due to its special properties has been used in a way not only focusing on being a jewel or being part of a large piece of fine jewelry, in fact due to its magnetic charges this gem is used for pressure measuring equipment, with this we refer to submarinesinstruments and in diversity of equipment of the army throughout the world.

A more common use is in the hair irons since it is crushed and mixed with the ceramic base, so that the loads that they possess and through the heat give more shape to the hair.


This is known as the gem of passion, because it has great positive vibrations that encourage the release of the libido, it is also used as a protective stone against bad vibes and negative energy, has the quality of charging itself energetically speaking either by the heat, the cold (although that is not something common) and the pressure.

It is said that it is the stone of the nervous system and that it is ideal for calibrating the cells, since in its different colors each one of the groups of cells of the body are represented.

It promotes the emotional balance, increases in its carrier the wisdom and the mental quickness, helps to get out of negative state like depression, when this stone is found in the house, that is to say as an ornament and being part of the decoration, it promotes courtesy, and good coexistence in the family, as well as helps to attract good fortune and luck.


It serves to balance all the chakras, helps in sexual function both male and female, improves communication; for couples, communication with the family and other people around us, to be a protective stone, to wear it and preferably in a necklace, forms a protective shield throughout the body that drains all negative energy, transmutes and transforms it into positive energy for its carrier, it also helps to reduce the feeling of fear and nervousness in a new or stressful situation.

It helps the management of the “I”, as an individual, with the psychic apparatus, helps to have a wider vision of the world and to control negative thoughts towards ourselves and towards others, helps to release the accumulated tension, to treat the sensation of paranoia and helps at the time of being able to memorize new information, in short, it is an excellent stone that has diverse curative uses.

As it could be appreciated throughout this article, it could be valued that although this gem is already in itself something marvelous for the fact of being one, it has been seen that it goes further, due to that particular feature that she possesses as is her magnetism, which has taken her from being a simple jewel to being part of many of the most specialized teams in the world and it is here where one can undoubtedly apply that “the lion is not how is painted” and It is definitely not just a simple gem.