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Tricks To Wear Earrings Based on Your Face

Tricks To Wear Earrings Based on Your Face


Every day one of the dilemmas that women often have, from the time they enter the adolescent phase until they are fully adult, is how to combine their accessories with their clothes or how to choose the accessories and clothes that best fit their body. This dilemma covers all aspects of accessories, clothing, shoes and even handbags. Many women even go to fashion magazines and websites to try to calm their despair.

In addition, experts and fashion gurus are constantly changing the concept of beauty and recommending the best accessories and clothing for girls to wear. And it’s no wonder experts suggest the right outfit for every body type, because there are accessories that highlight, for example, the curves of those girls without bust or butt, as well as clothes that help those with a thicker body build.

Some of these accessories that have caused doubts throughout the ages have been the pendants or earrings, and it is because, in contrast to popular belief, wearing good pendants depends not only on how expensive or beautiful they are, but also on some factors, such as the type of face that a woman has.

For women, earrings are indispensable complements, in fact, they are so indispensable and distinctive of women that you already see them when they are only one or two years old and they are already wearing these beautiful accessories and in spite of this, the pendants are not exclusive to women because more and more men are also using them.

In the same way, all women are unique and each one can have a type of face that benefits or harms them with some kind of pendant, as an example, there are some women with round faces, diamond shaped, with square face, etc. For those women who want to find their perfect type of pendant, they won’t have to go very far, as some tips will be mentioned below:

Tricks for Earrings in Round Faces

Those women with round faces are those whose measures are proportional both in width and length. For this type of face, fashion experts recommend using elongated earrings, as these will create an optimal effect, which will give your face a more elongated appearance and considerably diminish the round image of the face.

Similarly, this type of girl is told not to wear round pendants or earrings, as far from highlighting the beauty of the woman’s face, they will enhance the round image of the face.


Tricks for Earrings in Square Faces

The square-shaped faces are extremely short in length compared to other faces and also have very marked features, especially the cheekbones, forehead and chin. In this case, in order to achieve a greater volume and a natural feeling of naturalness, it is recommended to use earrings with an elongated shape and that also have a pearl on the tips of the earrings or have a rounded shape, because they are the best way to highlight the beauty of the face in as well as giving style.

Girls with square faces are advised to avoid earrings that are too small, as well as angular earrings or earrings that are too square.

Tricks for Earrings in Diamond Faces

Diamond-shaped faces are those that have a forehead and chin narrower than the cheeks, in this type of faces the cheeks are very marked and are very prominent. In these cases, it is recommended to use considerably large earrings and earrings that are extravagant, as they will help to naturally enhance all facial features.

Fashion experts recommend using the widest possible earrings and the ones with the greatest amount of curve, as well as avoiding using elongated earrings at all costs.

Tricks for Earrings in Heart Shape Faces

Although this is not one of the most common faces, the heart-shaped faces have a much wider forehead than the cheeks, and have a narrower, longer chin than normal. The ideal thing for this type of face is the earrings that have a great width in their lower part.

Experts also recommend the inverted triangle-shaped earrings for this type of face, including those in the shape of a teardrop. These earrings are perfect because they help counteract chin thinness.

Tricks for Earrings in Rectangular Faces

This type of face is very similar to the square face, but the slight difference is that it is longer than the one mentioned above. It is therefore recommended that this type of face have very wide pendants, rounded edges and even chandelier-shaped earrings that comply with the above conditions.

Experts recommend avoiding long earrings with an angular shape, because this type of face is elongated, so this type of earrings will further accentuate the natural elongated shape of this face, after all, fashion gurus recommend long earrings, to have a perfect balance.

As general advice for all those women who want to look perfect with their pendants, it should be taken into account that the earrings are not too exaggerated or so heavy, because, far from making you feel and make you look beautiful will make you look exaggerated, and it should also be emphasized that the weight of the ear hooks is detrimental to the perforations of the lobes, since the weight of the object over time, is increasingly opening up the perforation and this would mean an injury to the ear and a possible risk of infection from impurities and bacteria that can be found in these objects.

After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a healthy and natural body.