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Turquoise: The stone of love and travelers’amulet



Turquoise, like most gemstones, is a mineral and also highly prized in its pure form. Although the value that interests us is that of the jewel, we must clarify that for many years it was not considered part of the fine jewelry, but rather, an ornamental gemstone. It is appreciated as an important gemstone and what stands out most from it is its color, which is not found in any other stone, is very popular today, but like largest gems, they have created imitations so accurate that they are sometimes difficult to detect.


The name of this gem is very contrary to what is believed, that comes from Turkey, in fact, the word turquoise comes from the French, and not only that, but from one of the first French leagues that even its origin has not yet been determined. This gem called Pierre Turquoise, whose literal translation is – Turkish Stone – is the real reason for the confusionof the origin of its name, although in Turkey there is the production of this gem, not exported to other countries, but were only part of the internal trade of the country and this was another reason for the confusion of the name.

This is an incredibly delicate gem, even with the highest quality and purity it is extremely fragile, so much so that it can be considered as a crystal and, as the hardness improves, the porosity of the gem becomes much more accentuated and even resembles the sight of a homemade coral or sponge. The particular shine of turquoise is due to when it is pure, and it is not very striking as in the other gems, but is considered a shine somewhat similar to wax and generally opaque because it is not a transparent gem. This bluish-green color is often attributed to the presence of copper in its composition.


Being a rare mineral, its meeting place is also peculiar, in fact it is frequently found in almost all desert regions, but this does not mean that all the stones found have that precious gem quality. This gem has the reputation of being one of the first gems to be extracted, although there are many deposits, all of them are small scale, since the extraction of such a fragile gem must be done by hand because the machinery can break it. Most of the time it is a rock found in copper mines but it is not obtained as a main production, but as a secondary production.

In Spain, turquoise is produced in a color very appreciated by jewelry collectors. In fact, it is the only place where this variety is produced and it is found mainly in the whole Iberian Peninsula and in the Valdeflorez mine, in Iran, formerly known as Persia, where the most important deposits of this jewel in the whole world enjoys the perfect color although it does not have many places inside the country to extract them, as in the case of Spain. The mountain of Ali-Mersai is the place where these wonderful gems are obtained, highly valued for their color and purity.


In Sinai, this gem has been mined since about 3000B.C. and was already used by the Egyptians as part of their most precious and extravagant ornaments, this is known as the Turquoise Country by the people who live there, the reason for this is the large number of mines and the territory they cover. There are six mines in total covering approximately 650 km2 of the country, here are the oldest known deposits of this gemstone, Serabit el-Khadiim and WadiMaghara, the last mine is the nearest temple of the goddess Hathor, to whom were also made offerings with these stones

The places mentioned were the sites where the purest and most suitable variety was found to be considered a gem, now there are other places where there are more varieties of this gem. As is well known many gems were used in ancient times as currency and as ornamental material and in India and Asia the most used was turquoise, especially by those who traveled in large caravans, in mountains like the Himalayas and Altai, were used and the tradition of adorning the hair of both men and women is still maintained for some tribal ceremonies, in China it is said that Marco Polo claimed that he had found a deposit not as appreciated as gems, but used to create idols like the Jade.


This stone is also called -the stone of the horsemen-. It is said that it is with them where the gem works best because if they use a necklace with a turquoise embedded in a gold earring, it will protect them from falls and not only protect the rider but also the horse, in this case the stone must be placed on the reins, also is very famous for being the amulet of travelers, especially when they go to places that are not politically stable, it is also called the love stone, the reason for this is that it is customary to give it to the most conflicted spouse to drain all the negative energy and again have that connection with their partner for which they were always together.


It is advisable to always wear a pendant or bracelet of this jewel, as it attracts sincere friendship, helps personal growth, happiness, combats nerves and anxiety and, above all, fights internal problems. It is widely used for healing some organs, especially the eye, and is said to be very effective in fighting cataracts.

As you can see, this is one of the most delicate gems in the world and one of the most valuable even beyond what many may think, it is estimated that over the years will be appreciated more and more, that is something you should expect to see if it’s what you’re looking for or not.