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Tutorial: How Do I Know If It’s a Gold Jewel?

Tutorial How Do I Know If It's a Gold Jewel

Tutorial: How do I know if the jewel is real gold?


We have ever asked ourselves this question: How do I know if the jewel is real gold? To be honest, we can all be swindled by a jeweler or jewelry store, even by a stranger, this because of our ignorance of the impossibility of ensuring that the jewel in our hands is or is not a real piece of gold.

Now let’s take a look at a short tutorial to learn how to identify if the piece they are selling us is real gold or not.


Here’s a list of things to consider if your jewelry piece is real gold:


  • Consult the brand of manufacture: As every exclusive and worked piece has a stamp on it, it identifies the carat (kt), you can visualize this detail with the help of a magnifying glass, it is printed in very small letters.


It is important to inspect the part and make sure that what you are buying is what you are selling, it can be 10kt, 18kt 22kt 24kt, as well as inspect correctly and make sure that the mileage of the part you are buying is the one that is printed. On older gold pieces the seal may have been removed, in which case we recommend that you consult a trusted expert.

There are fake pieces that also carry this seal, it is a real risk to be 100% sure of the purchase but it is an important aspect to take into consideration.

  • Imperfections that a piece possesses: Sometimes the pieces are worn, and it is at this point that helps you to know if what you own is a piece of real gold or just a piece of jewelry with a gold bath, you can visualize another type of metal underneath this bath.
  • Use your teeth: Although no one takes it too seriously, it is a point you can use to your advantage and will help you determine the originality of your piece, if we bite the pieces long enough, when it is real gold, they tend to leave a mark and the more curious data, the deeper it has the higher purity mark of gold. So we already know that it’s not just fiction we see in movies, it’s a real method of applying

You can’t miss this super interesting fact, even if they see you looking like you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very useful to differentiate if it’s fantasy or not.

  • Rub the piece against a piece of ceramic: For this detail you must know, the ceramic, it is necessary, that it is without vitrifying, when passing the piece against the ceramic it will leave a scratch, this trace is the one that will help you to determine if it is real gold.
  • Use a magnet: When you have your jewelry have a magnet at a safe distance, if the piece is instantly close to the magnet the piece is not 100% real gold, this is because the gold behaves differently in the presence of a magnet.
  • Use nitric acid: Better known as the acid test, with this test you can be sure that you will know whether or not the piece you own is an original piece, before doing it you must take into account that it is a delicate test and you must be careful what you do.

For this test you will need a stainless steel and acid container, place the jewel inside the container and spray it with small drops of acid; if you get a green liquid the piece is not gold, it is a piece of real gold or only has a gold bath.

If you get a whitish liquid as a result then it has a silver piece with a gold coating, it is not so bad. But if, on the other hand, when you spray the piece with the acid there is no reaction, then what you have is a jewel that is real gold.

And now that we have a technique, with all this knowledge on how to determine if the jewelry you own is real gold or not, you can go with confidence to sell the piece, pawn it or you can be prepared to deny to foolish sellers who want to deceive you when you want to buy one of their pieces catalogued as one hundred percent gold.

Let’s do a recount:

  • Seal, make visual inspection to visualize the carats
  • Imperfections of the piece: differences if it is real gold or only gold plated
  • Biting the gold; the deeper the mark, the purer the purity.
  • Ceramic test: If it leaves marks you have real gold on your hands
  • Challenge it with the magnet; Force does not attract a piece of gold to the magnet.
  • Acid test. Without reaction it assures you that you have an original piece and this would be a proof that can be considered as definitive, since it denies, by far, any statement different from the result obtained.

Curiosities to be considered

There is a curiosity that will help you to understand that they represent the carats in a real gold jewel; When we talk about a 24kt piece, it means that 24 out of 24 pieces are gold, 22 out of 24 pieces are gold and 2 out of 2 out of 2 other metals, 18kt means that it has 18 out of 24 pieces of metal and 6 out of 6 out of 6 other metals.

Just as the amount of gold pieces included in a jewel decreases with the carats, so does the purity of the same, in the previous order the purity goes 99.9%, 91.3%, 75%, the decrease in the percentage of purity per piece decreases, approximately, 4.1625% in relation to the reference carats.

All this information will always help you to know what it is that you have in your hands, and what it can cost if we consider taking advantage of it, but you must always be certain of what you have, do not let another come and determine that your piece, through ignorance, is not of the purity and value you know it is.

You will never be fooled again, take the necessary considerations for each challenge and take the necessary precautions (for example, with the acid test) and don’t get depressed if it turns out that you have been lied to for a long time about a piece that turns out not to be real gold.