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Unaquite: The vision stone that balances energy



The Unakite is known to be very much associated with granite, in fact it is said to be a granite, but it is somewhat altered and with three different compositions from the granite that we all know, what is best known about this stone or rather the most outstanding characteristic of this stone is its green color and with intense pink veins and a little bit of transparency that is due to the quartz that alters its composition. Nowadays it has evolved from being a simple rock or a piece of granite to being considered a semi-precious gem, of course when its quality is high and it is easy to prove it.


The unakite may be already processed or treated, mostly with polishing treatment and is used primarily as a complementary jewel or is mainly used for the carving of animals and when it is used as a complementary jewel is shaped like an egg or small pebbles and also spherical A great advantage is that being similar to granite it is hard enough to be treated with less delicacy than other gems because it does not shatter or scratch easily.

In this stone or gem is characterized as well as mentioned before by its green color in different varieties predominantly darker shades, this is due to the presence of the green epidote of the rock because of the different alterations that occurs in the soil, However, despite these alterations in the earth, which are responsible for both the green color and the pink color range associated with the stone, it is important to note that the quartz or quartz traces that are detected in the gem remain unaltered and completely transparent, thus helping the brightness that the gem acquires when polished.


This gem was discovered in North Carolina more specifically in the Unaka Range, which is where the stone gets its name and is still preserved even when it becomes a gem, is almost always found in the large glacial piles and stones surrounding the beaches and found on the shores of Lake Superior, is also found a lot in the mountains that have a lot of moisture due to the periodic rains in Virginia, to be more specific in the well-known Blue Cordillera, this gem is not only given exclusively in the United States, it is found in the famous Sierra Leone of Brazil, also found in China.


This is a stone that has been used for many years to balance energy and that links emotions with spirituality, it is also known as the stone of vision because when it is placed right in that point known as the third eye, it opens it and helps to expand the visualization of the person, is widely used to achieve goals in meditation as it can be used in case you need to settle the energy of the person who carries or possesses it, as we can see is a gem that within the energy field has different uses and different properties.


In the past it could also be used completely for the art of divination, even replacing the famous crystal balls with one of these gems, as it allows the person to connect with it and its properties and will help decide what actions to take and when to take such actions or also helps the bearer to realize when it is necessary to take a step back.

The best way to use this crystal is to have twelve stones of approximately the same size and to have them in a velvet bag, for the case of divination you must select a stone to be able to answer a question in case you want a much more extensive reading the twelve stones are used and these are thrown in what is known as reading circle, as this helps the person who is going to “consult” to know what he needs to restore his personal and spiritual balance, through messages that help him to overcome the differences that he has either own individual or that relate to other people in his environment.


Although this is not a very well-known gem, it is important to take it into account because of the many properties and uses that can be given, apart from being used for energy, is widely used to achieve the balance of the mind; More precisely from the thoughts when these are scattered and constant chaos, it also allows its bearer to unite various aspects of himself and allows him to draw conclusions that are really important for his life and that is why it is said that he achieves the person the first step to advance in the important stages of life.

Although experts say that its strength is not so great, the important thing about this is that being constant is what really helps to unify the energy and clarify not only great things, but everything that happens in daily life, the reason for this is that it helps the sensations and emotions are seen clearly, helps to unify the three bodies that all people possess (the physical, emotional and spiritual) and this is why during meditation it helps the person to realize that it is that which afflicts him and guides him to the best possible solution.

As you can see, this is a gem that, although not very well known in the world of jewelry as anything more than a simple semi-precious gem, is widely used to promote energy, to channel it, of helping to recover all that balance that its wearer lost either by problems of the past and the problems that afflict it day by day, it is because of this and many other properties that are mentioned of it that can not only be discarded.