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55 Unique, Original and Fun Wire Pendant Designs

Unique, Original and Fun Wire Pendant Designs


The jewelry is essential for our attire to stand out more and above all to give it our personal and original touch. With a piece of jewelry we can give a different look to our garments, even changing the style from casual to formal by simply adding or removing a few items, but above all by playing with the colors and sizes of the jewelry, in reality the possibilities of creating different styles are endless if we have the right pieces.

But jewels not only help us to look better, they can also be significant and even give us benefits through the properties of the stones with which they have been created, so that in addition to wearing a piece for its beauty we are also receiving the energy influence of them.

It is important that when choosing or creating a jewel it attracts us to a personal level, also that it is of a figure that we like and that it represents something for us, since when wearing it we will feel more comfortable and confident.


So if you are looking for information to create an original jewelry shop with representative figures, in your own style and with the precious stones that interest you, here at you can find tutorials that will guide you through the process so you can start creating them and finally get a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry.

Here we’ll show you 55 unique pendant designs that can inspire your creativity.

Heart Shape Pendants

This pendant can be created with wire for copper or silver jewelry, the type of wire used to create jewelry is moldable; this means that you can manipulate it with the appropriate jewelry tools. This accessory is ideal for wearing with plain-colored blouses, dresses or sweaters. The Peruvian knitted heart will look incredible with a long chain and will give life to your attire; it is a very romantic classic figure that cannot be missing in your jewelry collection.

Likewise, you can create a heart pendant and add pearls within the design, you can even use different materials to accompany it as chains, ribbons or leather chains for pendants, etc.; the important thing is to give it your original touch. It is without a doubt an excellent piece of jewelry that will give a special touch to your attire.

Another type of heart design is the one created with crystals; the result will be an elegant piece that will make you look spectacular with formal attire. The advantage of the jewelry created with wire is that you can integrate stones or crystals to accompany your designs, in this case the heart with crystals for Valentine’s Day is worked with a very subtle fabric that is joining the pieces together to form a heart, you can accompany it with ribbons and a type of thick chain as shown in the presentation or you can choose another type of chain.

  1. Heart shaped Peruvian point pendant
  2. Heart shaped pendant with pearls and wire
  3. Heart shaped pendant with crystals for Valentine’s Day

Silver Pendants

The silver wire 3D figures give you the opportunity to assemble stones and crystals of various sizes, plus you can play with the figures to give a more interesting effect to the piece of jewelry.

You can create pendants in the form of circles, crosses, triangles and much more, the advantage is that placing the stones and / or crystals inside this type of designs helps them have a good support.

To accompany them it is advisable to create necklaces with stones or to use thick chains, because being big sized charms they will look much better with a necklace or chain that combines with their dimension in size. The creation of the figures in 3D for a charm can help you create unique pieces with a beautiful handcrafted result, ideal for you to wear formal clothes.

With the wire you can create the figures of your choice and design them with stones or crystals, you can combine different types of silver and bronze wire to give a better effect to your figure, in the cat pendant has been used thick copper wire and thin silver wire to mark details on the piece, the combination of crystals and beads create the effect of the eyes and nose, with this type of example you can be inspired to create different animal figures.

You can create representative figures like the breast cancer ribbon or even a bohemian style pendant like the dream catcher, with a little practice the possibility of creating the figure you want will be possible.

  1. Circular 3D silver wire pendant with crystals inside
  2. 3D knitted pendant with geometric shape
  3. Silver wire pendant with faceted crystals and coral gems
  4. Pendant with lapis lazuli gem embedded in rococo fabric
  5. Knitted pendant with coral and agate setting
  6. Silver wire with gem-set pendant
  7. Silver wire pendant with stones and turquoise beads


  1. Silver wire pendant with three gem-set pieces
  2. Pendant in gem-set corals
  3. Agate pendant set with silver wire
  4. Silver wire pendant with rococo and black obsidian stone from Mexico.
  5. Silver wire pendant with amethysts from Brazil
  6. Silver wire pendant with rhodonite
  7. Circular pendant with gemstones set of citrine and aragonite
  8. Silver wire pendant with amazonite stone from Russia
  9. Silver wire pendant with carnelian agate from Brazil
  10. Pendant knitted with amazonite and silver wire
  11. Silver wire pendant with moonstone from Argentina
  12. Knitted pendant with red faceted glass
  13. Pendant with silver wire and semiprecious rhodonite stone
  14. Cat-shaped wire pendant
  15. Angel shaped pendant with wire and crystals
  16. Breast cancer hope pendant
  17. Pendant with semiprecious gems and central nacre with crystals
  18. Pendant with blue crystal set with silver wire knitting
  19. Wired dream catcher pendant with crystals

Gold Pendants

You can also use gold wire to create designs with a sophisticated look, from figures without stones and crystals or with them, you can create different designs and you can also use wires of different thicknesses, depending on the figure or design you want to create, the stones mounted on thick wire can help you create very original designs like those shown in the pictures and when combined with various types of stones you will get a piece that can easily be combined with different types of looks.

You can assemble large stones to create pendants and use them with matching stone necklaces like the turquoise necklace or use them with a gold chain; it all depends on the appearance you want to give to your charms.

  1. Gold wire weaver bird pendant
  2. Gold wire pendant with cobra jasper stone from Brazil
  3. Gold wire pendant with black obsidian stone from Mexico
  4. Gold wire pendant with South African Dalmatian jasper stone
  5. Gold wire pendant with goldstone from Italy
  6. Gold wire pendant with cameo setting
  7. Lotus flower pendant with crystals
  8. Spike pendant with crystal and gemstone
  9. Pendant made of pink quartz gems and pendant worked with gold wire with crystals
  10. Turquoise gems pendant with turquoise center surrounded by river pearls, crystals and aquitas
  11. Semi-precious gemstone and central nacre pendant with gold wire rococo and crystals
  12. Turquoise gemstone pendant set with gold wire in Peruvian point

Tree of Life Pendants

This type of pendant is one of the most popular, especially for its spiritual significance.

By learning how to use the wire you will be able to create very creative trees of life with stones, crystals or even with other materials, you can use your favorite stone or make a combination of colors, the options are endless. As you can see in the photographs you can use different types of wire, gold, copper or even silver, as in all the pieces everything will depend on which piece you have imagined to start making it.

We recommend that you review our tutorials to get started in creating wire jewelry.

  1. Tree of life pendant with blue flowers like leaves
  2. Tree of life pendant with crystal spheres
  3. Tree of life pendant with crystals in branches
  4. Tree of life pendant with crystals in branches
  5. Pendant tree of life with moon over the branches
  6. Tree of life pendant in green color with few branches
  7. Tree of life pendant with sloping trunk and amethysts
  8. Orange tree of life pendant
  9. Tree of life pendant with fine multicoloured branches
  10. Tree of life pendant with pink stones and heart in the center
  11. Tree of life pendant with central stone as its root
  12. Tree of life pendant with circular branches
  13. Tree of life pendant with crystal trunk and circular branches
  14. Tree of life pendant with turquoise trunk and crystal branches