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What Is Wiring?

What Is Wiring

Wiring is a profound expression of art that manifests itself through the invention of jewelry, sculptures or objects made with wire. Humanity has maintained the architecture of wiring for hundreds of generations, and it seems that it will continue to do so for a long time to come.

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What Is Wiring?

It all began approximately 6500 years ago in the countries of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt; ancient civilizations were the pioneers in the discovery of metals and their treatment, although their techniques were not as good as ours today, they managed to take a significant step forward in art and science, not to mention writing.

wiring lotus earring

The civilizations that we have just mentioned were the first to express themselves with the art of wiring, and to confirm it are all the archaeological investigations where it is revealed that in diverse objects with relief the human being shaped his ideas based on the religion and his beliefs in the animals showing this way a unique culture, to then separate the elements and to take the wiring above all to the ornamentation of the body (diadems, bracelets, necklaces) or the ornamentation of some specific place.

Over the years, the wiring was perfected as the art of man and also became a business industry directed mostly to women, although some men are lovers of wire rope.

In this sense, humanity leaped at thought, because a manifestation of art became an economic channel for its benefit, which prompted other industries to demonstrate.

wiring necklace peruvian stitch

Wiring works with aluminum, copper, iron, and silver and sometimes with other metals, but the other industries we mentioned work with much more valuable elements such as gold, which means that the world of wire was relegated and seeing it from a competitive point of view there are not as many opportunities for him in the labor market, however, there are people who still appreciate it as a unique art, and that is why it will continue to be maintained in humanity for many more years.

wiring herringbone pendant


Wiring, synonymous with…

The technique of the artistic wire or the wiring is synonymous of originality, the jewels with valuable metals have an almost unbreakable pattern, on the other hand, the wiring has infinite patterns that depend exclusively on the hands that work it. The value of wiring lies in everything that can be represented through it with: geometric figures, animals, plants and what makes it infinite: abstraction.

wiring red choker

We cannot talk about wiring without mentioning that abstraction is its second-best synonym, because it is such a malleable element, each wire fence can play with it as they wish through the imagination, but not without first going through a training process where practice is the fundamental pillar to make a piece with character, with multiple uses and that the masses and individuals also like it (the latter being the most complicated thing).



The wire can be combined with many materials, among them we can mention precious stones, wood, cloth, plastic, paper, paint and a host of elements that when joined give a different feeling to the one caused by the wire itself. Magnificent. When it is not about wire, there are very few things that combine when combined, for example, combining a gold jewel with plastic is not aesthetic at all, however, if a person combines the wire with any other element may be an idea great.

wiring author bracelet



When we hear the phrase “pay less and get more” all of us agree, and this is another advantage of wiring, a job was done with this material is much more economical than working with the most valuable metals. But no one should take advantage of this under any circumstances, because the person who makes the wire object with his or her hands sets the value according to his or her effort, time, investment and creativity as all the people who sell other products do; this happens with food companies, clothing, electrical appliances and everything else that we can think of, so if we want to have one or more pieces of wire in our home, let us not forget to give it the value it deserves and thus promote this type of art.

wiring wire crochet bracelet with crystals


The best advice…

The best advice we can receive at this time is to have one or more wired jewelry at home and one or more wired works of art. In the case of jewelry, the reason would be that it is good to break with the patterns and for that reason, the chest does not always have to be full of the same thing: gold and silver, if not feel different by wearing different things.

This immediately encourages wiring and is becoming more and more known, because although some people have already seen it but do not have the knowledge of what it is, of all its history and the unmistakable beauty embodied with the hands of extraordinary people.

wiring crocheted rose gold bracelet