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Yellow Diamonds: How Do They Attract Good Luck

Yellow Diamonds How Do They Attract Good Luck

Do you know the yellow diamonds? Today there are millions of precious jewels, and among the best of them, diamonds are leading the way. Some of these more classic gems are the yellow diamonds; these have unparalleled beauty, they are compared to the sun and wealth.

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Yellow Diamonds How Do They Attract Good Luck

Because of their unique color, these yellow diamonds are also known as tiffanyes; they are undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and amazing treasures that nature has ever created.

The diamond, called SunDrop, is an illustrious example of the 110.3-carat yellow diamonds. , was sold at the Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva in November 2011 for the sum of 10 million Swiss francs, breaking the record to date, being the most expensive diamond in the world.

Gemstones like these dazzle beauty collections all over the world because they have the unique and modern style that makes them so beautiful.

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The yellow diamonds

These precious rocks have an intense color similar to the sun, as well as great visual beauty. As a result of its impetuous and incomparable rarity, this gemstone has a high refractive index of light of 2,417 at a wavelength of 589 nm.

Yellow diamonds are symbols that represent happiness; their warm color makes this stone very appropriate for the autumn season, and also ideal to accompany the spring season. Yellow diamonds are a great success in jewelry and fashion and are therefore increasingly used by famous designers.


In which countries are they located?

Some of the countries producing yellow diamonds in the world are Russia, Guinea, Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, and Borneo.

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Where does its color come from?

The origin of the colors in these yellow diamonds is in the net defects and impurities. Most diamond impurities consist of the replacement of a carbon atom in the diamond’s crystalline network; the most common ones are caused by nitrogen, which produces light to intense yellow coloration, depending on the type and concentration of nitrogen present.

This gemstone has a prohibited band of 5.5 eV (or 225 nm) occupying the entire visible spectrum, which means that the pure diamond should transmit visible light and appear as a clear, colorless crystal. Yellow diamonds affirm their presence thanks to their specific characteristics that make them a treasure in jewelry.

The composition of the stones can be classified in 2 categories: Type Ia, which contains 0.3% nitrogen with a blue fluorescence; and Type Ib, are intense yellow diamonds that present 0.1% nitrogen with broad absorption rays, on the contrary on the category whose rays are narrow.

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Yellow Diamond Fashion

It’s good to know that yellow canary diamonds have become fashionable lately, which makes them more expensive. There are other precious stones beside diamonds, the yellow sapphire, is a precious jewel with a sophisticated style, is very prestigious to wear in the fashion world, has an excellent shine and is family of corundum, has impeccable levels of strength and durability, which makes its cost to be lower, as the price is more affordable.


Energy properties of yellow diamonds

It is believed that in the yellow color, there are projections governed by mercury, they are used in rituals involving spiritual communication, as well as to stimulate the mind and speech, it also helps and influences writers in their work.

Being governed by the Sun, they are protective, but the air element, which also governs them, also helps and serves to strengthen the conscious mind.In magic, they increase visualization, lucidity, and luminosity, stimulate people who have poor digestion, regulate the nervous, muscular and respiratory systems, serves for people with eating disorders and maintain a stable heart rate.

The Yellow Diamonds are stones of exchange, movement, mental and energy power; they are related to the chakra of the solar plexus. Some of the rocks belonging to this group are amber, which is formed from fossilized resin and citrine quartz, as well as rutilated quartz, pyrite and tiger’s eye.

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