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Zircon: The stone of wisdom, sincerity and fidelity



The zircon is one of the most used minerals in the world of jewelry, this is due to its hardness and brightness. Its name comes from the word zarqun (in Arabic), whose literal translation is golden, this applies when you find the yellow version of this mineral, On the other hand, when the red version is present, it is usually called Jacinto and even applied to brown variants. Chemically, it is a mineral closely associated with silicates and for this reason there are great varieties both in color and hardness.


It is known as the oldest precious mineral on earth and also as one of the most abundant of all the earth’s crust, it is also known as the first mineral that was able to reach this state of “crystallization”, just like granite, although it does not have the transparency of zircon, it is estimated that this mineral dates from about 4,400 million years ago and it is still surprising that it can be preserved today.




Depending on the size of the rock, its state of purity and quality, this gem is often used instead of Diamonds, but there is a great disadvantage when making this substitution and that is that although it is easy to confuse it with a Diamond, it is also very easy to know that it is not one, the reason for this is that this gem changes color when subjected to different temperatures no matter how pure it is, this would never happen with a real Diamond; and they’re usually easily broken.

A very special feature of this gem is that when it is treated with heat what is sought is to obtain different shades that can even vary at the time that either the natural or artificial light passes through them, but this not only passes through the light but also depends on the angle where it is reflected and the angle where the person sees it, although it can be subjected to heat, it is a stone that must be handled with great care, because contrary to what is believed to be an excessively fragile gem, compared to others such as Diamond, which is considered the hardest mineral or precious stone on the planet and can only be cut by another Diamond.


Their use has diversified over the years which is why they can now be found in objects as common as knives, which enjoy great strength and are considered even sharper than steel; the only detail or failure of this application of the ore was that many terrorists began to take them on airplanes because they were not detected; however, now enough metals are being introduced in their processing to make them detectable at all times and by any type of metal detector.

It is also widely used by the metallurgical industry, since melting it and mixing it with different metals results in alloys that are used when manufacturing steels with special characteristics, abrasive chemicals for certain metals and even reactors that are used in aircraft. A use that not just anyone who would be able to meet this old and versatile mineral would be the pigment; and whether this mineral is used for the manufacture of ceramic and slab pigments.


Although we know that this is a mineral found in most of the earth’s crust it cannot be extracted from any place or at least not those that are used for jewelry and fine jewelry, this is why the main deposits of this mineral with the quality and purity acceptable to become a gemstone are; In Cambodia, more specifically towards the part or area near Vietnam, other major producers that cannot be overlooked are Sri Lanka, better known as the island or the country of treasures; Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, in the mountainous part of the country, the United States, South Africa and France.



It is often called the symbol of loyalty and is well known for helping to heal the digestive system and colic, harmonizes the body in all its states; the physical, mental and spiritual; In the past, it was said that if you wanted to have good dreams, you should put a Zircon under your pillow so that it would scare away nightmares and attract good dreams, is also associated with its attraction of money, is said to be a gem that helps its bearer to have good luck and attracts money more easily, but not in a dirty way, but through work or projects that really pay off.


It is said very often that this gem gives its owner wisdom or rather that it helps the wisdom of its owner to come to light, in ancient times was said to protect its owner from lightning strikes, In the Middle Ages it was believed that the owners of this gem never contracted the great plague that shook Europe and it was even thought that anyone who touched the gem would be cured.

While we now see that the Zircon is not just a gemstone and that on the contrary has much more history than we think and many more uses than we imagined the truth is that we will always relate its name to something beautiful in this case a jewel.